Effective Air Pollution Control Measures

With the rise of contaminants in air, effective air pollution control has become obligatory. We see the growing pollution around us every day. Humans are accountable for most of the damage. Hence, we cannot remain as silent spectators and watch our environment being affected. Air pollution in most cities can cause health problems, damage to the earth and destroy the ozone layer. Effective measures should be undertaken to bring this problem under control.

Emissions from vehicles contribute to nearly half of the pollution. You can do your bit to save the environment by driving less and adopting smart ways to reduce your vehicle’s emissions.

Effective Air Pollution Control Measures

Drive Less

You can cut down the unnecessary trips by your vehicle with the available alternatives. Carpooling helps you save on fuel and your energy. You can commute to work by public transit whenever possible. Consider walking or riding bicycle during weekends at least to reduce the use of your car. This not only helps in decreasing air pollution, but also promotes good health.

Drive Smart

Here are some smart driving tips to minimize pollution.

  • When you are on the highway, switch on cruise control.
  • Stick to the specified speed limit.
  • Make a list of your errands and combine them in order to reduce the number of trips.
  • Change the air filter of your vehicle.
  • When you know you are going to be held in traffic for long, cut off your engine.
  • When you plan to buy a new car, find the most efficient, lowest or zero emission model. You should look for cars that are fuel efficient and clean. New cars usually cause less pollution compared to older models.

Air-Friendly Products

Most common products used at home such as detergents, glues, air-fresheners, perfumes, deodorants and cleaning agents often contain many harmful chemicals that can contaminate the air. You should look for water-based products or those with low VOCs. When painting, choose non-VOC labeled paints. Do not spray, use a paint brush instead. Use air-tight containers to store the solvents. Equipments such as leaf blowers that raise lot of dust should be avoided.

Save Energy

Preserving energy helps in reducing air pollution as well. Burning fuel leads to air pollution. You should reduce the usage of natural gas, electricity and gasoline as much as you can. Purchase appliances that save energy. Switch to fluorescent lights to save energy, instead of incandescent lights. Get a thermostat which can switch off the heater or the AC when not in use. Insulate your house and water heater. Use more of fans than AC.


By using recycled products, you can conserve energy. Do not throw away blank papers. Recycle plastic, metal and paper. Avoid using plastic bags or reuse them, if they cannot be avoided.

Green Building

When you are remodeling your house, you can utilize renewable energy efficiently. Installing sustainable appliances reduces dirty energy usage, which is used to generate electricity. Using solar-energy is a good green building option. There are also alternatives such as earth-sheltered homes that help in minimizing air pollution.