Consequences of Global Warming

There are some worst consequences of global warming and it is becoming a major concern for our environment and also for the planet. Global warming is generally caused by carbon dioxide and other air pollutants that are collected in the atmosphere. As this collection builds up it slowly traps the heat of the sun and results in warming up the entire planet. What effect does this have on our environment? The environment indeed keeps warming up but not to such an extent that it is noticeable. Global changes have been taking place in temperature for the last hundred years, resulting in increased temperature and shrinking arctic.

Impact of global warming on the environment

The increase in temperature is affecting wildlife and human life adversely resulting in the demise of many species. The negative effects of global warming are not just about the shrinkage of arctic and endangered species but it is also affecting the weather. These effects that are being caused on weather are resulting in serious rain storms in different parts of the world and on the other hand, are causing drought in several other parts of the world. The pH levels of oceans are considerably dropping turning the oceans acidic with the loss of huge amounts of oxygen. These is resulting in more intense and frequent weather events like intense tornados, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tsunamis and blizzards.

Consequences of Global Warming

Social impact of global warming

The negative impact of global warming is not just restricted to the environment but it calls for social transformations as well. Global warming is resulting in the shortage of water and food supply resources as well as declining health conditions. The environment required for the growth of plants and trees is fast changing because of global warming and this is resulting in the shortage of food supply. The changes taking place in oceanic atmosphere and rain storms have a considerable impact on the supply of drinking water. The incursion of diseases due to global warming is affecting the health of animals and humans.

Global warming resulting in cosmological events

There are many people who are of the view that global warming would result in the occurrence of cosmological events like black holes, meteorites, loss of human fertility and super-novas. Some scientists are also of the belief that the sun will turn too hot causing negative impact on the life on Earth. The predictions about the causes and effects of global warming point towards the extinction of life on earth.

Global warming affecting agriculture

Global warming is said to cause changes in the agricultural yields, reduced summer stream flows, glacier retreat, species extinctions and an increase in diseases. The greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide being released by land clearing, burning of fossil fuels, agriculture and various other activities are the main reasons behind the occurrence of global warming. The effects produced by global warming are negative on the planet from an increase in air temperatures to rise in the level of sea to severe storms. Therefore, at present, it comes up as a challenge to fight against the consequences of global warming and scientists are continuously in search of some remedies.