Causes and Effects of Climate Change

Causes and effects of climate change can help us better adapt to the environment and leave a greener life that does not cause any harm to the environment we live in. Changes in climate occur due to various reasons which could be traced to human activity and other conditions as well. When explaining other factors, one could explore the causes like eruption of volcanoes, tectonic movements in the plates and different levels of radiations received from the sun. Experts on climate change have documented the various changes occurring in the global climates and have tried to analyze to understand this matter well.

Alarming increase in pollution

After the industrialization, industrial waste has become a major contributor as a pollutant today. In fact in industrial countries the this industrial waste not only adds toxic gas to the air we breathe but the waste is dumped in the surrounding natural resources like river and even sea. Today, more and more people use the AC in their home and this has contributed to spoil the Ozone layer which protects the Earth from the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Every year as no strict regulations are being undertaken the planet is suffering and decaying slowly.


In order to manufacture paper million tons of trees are cut down annually and little effort is undertaken to plant a tree sampling. Thus the condition of deforestation occurs and this leads to mudslides and a rise in temperatures in areas across the world.

Rise in temperatures across the world

Due to industrialization and various other causes, temperatures around the world have increased considerably. Global warming as it is known as, has led to melting of glacier and which in return has increased the level of the ocean on our planet. These effects are changing the way we live and making many animal species extinct too. Many people would not believe the fact that high temperatures are occurring in Europe and even today Asia is still struggling under unique hot temperatures and rains are missing from the weather environment.

Effects of Climate Change

Green House effect

Today the percentage of carbon dioxide is very high in the air we breathe. The Ozone layer has also become thin and there are many spots in the layer. This has made us become prone to the strong ultraviolet rays from the sun and the percentage of green gas is also growing in the atmosphere. All these climatic changes would make it difficult for humans to stay on this planet.

The wrath of nature

When exploring the effects one would have to understand that in the last few years the planet has witnessed cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami’s on a large scale which was never witnessed before. In fact, during winters in America in 2013, there were huge snow clad cyclones which made many people homeless and many lost their lives too. The whole ecological system has become imbalanced and yet people continue to exploit nature as they did before. It’s high time that we realized that we have to stop exploiting nature. Otherwise the planet would be destroyed forever as a result of the effects of climate change.