Some of the Best Solar Powered Gadgets

Here are some prototypes as well as ready-to-be-used solar powered gadgets that help you in protecting the environment.

Relentless inventions and innovations from humans have brought this world to the verge of time where something serious needs to be done regarding the environment that the humans thrive upon. Solar powered gadgets are significantly crucial towards restoration and maintenance of ecological balance. Thankfully, research & development department of almost every industry is working hard than ever before to produce equipment that can be powered by solar energy. Listed here are some of them to try upon.


Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Rice University of Houston and Indian NPO Villages for Development and Learning Foundation have jointly ventured to produce solar-powered tablets. These are low-cost computers for students of such schools where electricity is not available. The project is still in the test phase and the gadgets are being validated in various villages. The success of this venture would not only produce eco-friendly computers but also provide computer-aided education for under-privileged children.

Solar powered gadgets

Solar Oven

Like various electrical appliances that are now available as solar powered gadgets, solar oven is one of them. However, the best advantage with solar ovens is the level of sophistication involved. While the highly advanced solar ovens are in the prototype stage, the basic models can even be made available for under-privileged village-dwellers and tribesmen who need to cook their food. The most fundamental solar cooker appears just as a box of cardboard, with glass, aluminium foil and black paint. When the cooker is closed, it gets enough heated to fry things that are placed inside it. Thus food can be cooked without electricity or fuel and it also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. Tremendous impact can be made on the ecology with the provision of such cookers to all those who use fossil fuels to cook food.


One of the appliances that consumes considerable energy but is required every hour of a day and every day of a week is refrigerator. NASA scientists have invented a model that can be powered by solar energy. It is chest-styled model with similar cooling potential as that of a conventional refrigerator. Five hours of direct sunlight on solar panel is enough for daily regular use. However, the machine saves the excessive charges, which can back-up energy requirement for a week during cloudy weather. Besides this it comes with a battery for backup too. Considering the energy that refrigerators consume, this innovation is truly impactful.

These are only a few of the several solar powered gadgets that have been produced or are under research. Solar powered cars, boats, electronics rechargers, etc. are some of the common concepts. Of these, solar powered keyboards, mouse, mobile phone chargers, lawnmowers, audio players, etc. are already available in the consumer market. All that is required is little consciousness and sensibility of people towards environment.