Eco Safety Gadgets for Increased Safety

Safety gadgets for people for almost every purpose have been available for long. However, since the introduction of Ecological studies that highlighted the consequences of environment degradation, manufacturers in almost all the industries have started their research & development to produce ecologically friendly equipment. As a result, production of safety gadgets is under eco-revolution too. In fact some eco safety gadgets are already through commercial production and are available in the consumer markets.

Security System from Logitech

Eco Safety GadgetsWhen eco safety gadgets are to be discussed, the fully equipped Security System from Logitech has to be mentioned first. It is a complete system for security requirement at home or for small or medium-sized offices. The 750n indoor master security system is included of a 700n indoor night-vision camera, remote viewer and a computer application.

The application can be installed at home, offices or any place where valuable objects are stored. The system is available with only one camera but can support up to 4 cameras. The camera provides wide-angled view, precisely 130°, of the room where it is installed. The supported camera captures 15 frames per second with 960×720 picture resolution. The indoor add-on camera is also laced with the feature of night-vision, which ensures 24 hours x 7 days surveillance. Any intrusion can thus be detected with the help of this system.

More importantly, the system cannot be hacked. Besides, its installation is quite easy and simple. There are no network complexities, like plug-n-play devices. The camera needs to be plugged into an appropriate power outlet on the wall. The HomePlug feature uses the outlet and the electrical circuit to connect the camera with the entire system and configure the network. It regulates the overall system by itself. The price of the entire system is $299.99, which does not seem too much considering the merits of this system.

PoolSonix Pool Alarm

Swimming pools are luxury but dangerous for small children. Accidents do happen in pools and therefore, there have to be eco safety gadgets for children’s safety. PoolSonix Pool Alarm, as the name suggests, generates alarm when it detects the presence of children in the pool without elders. It needs to be installed at the edge of swimming pool and takes negligible space. A sensor dips into the water from the processor to map activity of seismic waves. It is not only helpful for children’s safety but is also eco-friendly as it runs on solar power.

Night Bike Flea Lights

The eco safety gadgets are life-savers on roads with partially visibility. Unlike ordinary lights, these flea lights are powered by solar energy. Thus, they are a greener solution for safety of bicycle riders. They also have USB port and adapter to facilitate power for other small gadgets.