Go Green Fashion Is the Trend of the Time – Be Trendy and Go Green!

Fashion, though ephemeral, shapes and defines your personality. However, not all are aware of the fact that fashion also reveals the inner you, that is to say, your concern for yourself and your concern for the environment and nature. Well, if you really care for your earth, why not opt for something that should be eco-friendly?You can opt for such accessories that show your concern for the environment. In fact, the designers are being innovative and are preaching likewise a go green fashion. Here are a few things that you can do to show that latest fashion is all about really going green.

Go green fashion is sustainable

Go green fashionYou can find some of the most fashionable accessories made of recycled materials. They are not just beautiful but are sustainable too and voice your concern for the nature. For the fabric, you can go green and dump the artificial. Organic cotton, hemp, soy silk, and bamboo are sustainable.

Green at the Oscars

Such has been the magnitude of the awareness about green that the Oscars too showcased the theme. There were many celebs that went for choosing the eco-friendly attires and accessories. Meryl Streep , Missi Pyle, Collin Firth, all donned such dresses the fabrics of which were eco-friendly, seeking to assert the fact that go green fashion has become mainstream.

Eco friendly handbags

There are a number of handbags and purses made of such materials as are eco-friendly. These are made out of sustainable materials as hemp, soy silk, organic cotton, and bamboo. These look as sophisticated and elegant as you would want them to, besides being trendy and cool.

Eco friendly necklaces

The growing consciousness around the globe to secure the environment is a trend that can be marked in all the industries, including that of fashion. You might not know that scraps and thrown-out elements can be used to make beautiful necklaces. While you can make a unique one of your choice, you can choose those designed by the fashion designers. With a rustic feel in them, they take you nearer to Earth, while being trendy and fashionable at the same time.

Umbrellas that are environment friendly

A lot cooler and a lot more durable, the umbrellas made of natural materials are safe for the environment and more useful for you. Get hold of such umbrellas that are made of sustainable materials like bamboo for the frame. These umbrellas are eco friendly while also seeking to offer you better protection both against the sun and rains.

Go green fashion is what the designers are opting for to secure the environment.