World Environment Day – Will US, EU and China Spare a Thought for Nature?

The World Environmental Day is celebrated on 5th June every year to increase the global awareness about the damage we are causing to our planet and to take positive measures to protect Mother Nature.

The World Environment Day is celebrated every year from 1973 and is overseen by the UNEP or United Nations Environment Programme since it was established by the UN General Assembly in the year 1972. The theme for the year 2014 is ‘Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level’.

While we celebrate this special day in the very spirit that it was intended, here’s a look at the current goals of some of the countries to tackle global warming and greenhouse gas pollution.

World Environment Day


President Barack Obama is said to regulate the carbon pollution arising from the power plants. Power plants are the source for nearly 40% of carbon pollution which is said to be main reason behind the climate change. The country has also pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 17% by 2020 and the power plant emissions in the country are already falling under 15% for the past 9 years as a result of replacing coal with cleaner natural gas.


According to the European Commission, European power plants have reduced their carbon emissions by almost 25% since the year 2005 and EU hopes to substantially over-achieve its target for cutting GHG emissions.


According to Chinese government officials, the country will include its target for cutting its CO2 emissions in its next five-year-plan and is likely to put a firm cap by 2016. As of now, China is the world’s top polluter according to Reuters.