Why You Can Help Rainforests, Even When You Live Thousands of Miles Away

Rainforests are integral to the health and sustainability of our planet and it is up to every single one of us to ensure that they remain protected and healthy.


But why are they important?

This is a great question and it should be one that everyone knows the answer to, because without the rainforests, we would live in a much harsher and near unliveable climate today.

The primary reason for this is because throughout the world, rainforests help stabilise the world’s climate through the absorption of carbon dioxide. The unfortunate thing is that when these trees are cut down and or burnt, it means that the very same carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere.

If you want a scope of important this is, it may be worth knowing that the climate found in America’s Midwest is actually affected by the rainforests of the Congo, which lie no less than 6,000 miles away.

On a local basis, rainforests help prevent soil erosion and this is because the nutrients within rainforest soil are very scarce, but are instead stored within the vast numbers of trees which help bind the soil together.

When trees are therefore removed from the forests, the nutrients therefore leave with them, alongside any protection that the trees offer.

What can a person living outside of the rainforests do?

Although you may live thousands of miles away from the closest rainforest to you, there are many things that you can do to help, both large and small.

Look out for sustainably sourced wood

One of the most important things you can do is to help and support the companies that only use wood sourced from sustainable rainforests.

Sustainable rainforest management is integral to saving all rainforests as when under this kind of management, trees are selectively cut down and usually, only when they are close to the end of their natural life cycle.

This means that reforestation combined with selective felling can ensure that the rainforest cover remains more or less the same throughout the entire cycle. So, when it comes to buying your next piece of furniture, or the fitting of your new kitchen, ask your suppliers just where they are getting their wood from.


Teach others

One of the greatest problems that the rainforests currently face is the fact that there is not enough support to help protect them. This can only be solved through education and teaching others the plight of the rainforests, and the consequences of them disappearing.