Ways to Help the Environment

It just needs an initiative as many of the ways that can help the environment are pretty simple to practice on a regular basis. Everyone has their own way in helping the environment, so here is a list of the most followed ways to help the environment. Helping environment is not just a responsibility, but a privilege as well. Every little contribution one makes from their end can help the environment in more ways than one.

Switch off electricity consuming appliances

One should turn off their appliances if they are not using them presently. As it reduces the energy consumption and thus the power bill.

Unplug devices when not in use

Devices such as toasters or laptop chargers eat up energy when they are left plugged in. It may still be using power even when the device is turned off. So it is better to unplug the devices after using them.

Use renewable sources of energy

A major portion of electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. These fuels emit pollution and greenhouse gases in the environment. It is better to use alternative ways for producing energy.

Ways to Help the Environment

Use of air conditioner

A good amount of electricity is used by air conditioners. So, it is better to use a fan or natural ventilation as much as possible.


These may be a bit on the expensive side, but they last long than traditional light bulbs and use only 1/4th of the energy.

Get skylights

These provide more light and reduce the consumption of electric light. Some of these can even convert sunlight into electricity.

Close doors after leaving the room

A great amount of excess cooling and heating gets saved that is required to make the house warm.

Electronic exercise machines

Instead of using electronic devices for exercising, one should be using an actual bicycle or any other mode of exercise that does not consume electricity. Exercises such as push-ups and walking work as well.

Conserve water

Water can be conserved by taking shorter showers, running the dishwasher when it is entirely full, reusing water by boiling it, installing low flow aerators or faucets etc.


This not only helps in the reduction of pollution but also saves a lot of valuable money and time.

Get yourself a hybrid

A large section of the population is switching to hybrids as these cars are not only energy-efficient but also saves a great deal of money as well.

Recycling things

Many countries follow the practise of recycling seriously. They have separate trash bins for bags, cans, boxes, plastic, paper and decomposed food.

Not using disposable items

Disposable items are bad for the environment and spend hundreds of years in a landfill.

Don’t waste food

Meals should be planed accordingly so that you buy your food according to the needs. Otherwise, excess food can always be shared with friends or local wildlife.

Donate items

Usable household items can be shared or donated before sending them away to a landfill.


Instead of buying news papers, choose online edition of the newspaper you like. It not only helps in saving the trees and the energy lost in transporting the newspapers, but also provides even the latest updates.