Top 10 Natural Disasters in History

The top 10 natural disasters in history have shown that even today with advanced technology, humanity has not been able to protect itself when it faces the Mother Nature’s wrath. In fact the first traces of natural history can be traced back to 1500 B.C when the Minoan civilization was totally wiped out due to a tsunami. We have tried to explore and how these natural disasters affected the existence of mankind as a whole. Here in these natural disasters it has been estimated that more than 10 million people lost their lives and the environment suffered extreme chaotic conditions.

1. Floods caused by Yangtze River

The Yangtze River has been known to create extreme flood situations in Central China. An extreme flood took place in 1931 during the months of July-August. It has been estimated that more than 3.5 million people died due to drowning, starvation and disease. In fact, this flood is said to have wiped out ¼th of China’s total population.

2. Yellow River Flood

The Henan Province of China suffered from another flood which occurred in 1887. This disaster was caused by China’s Yellow river and millions of people became homeless and nearly 11 large towns were wiped out.

3. Earthquake in Shaanxi

On 23rd Jan 1556, the province of Shaanxi received an earthquake which measured around 8 in Richter scale. This earthquake killed more than 8 million people and the population in northern China is said to have reduced by 60% after it.

4. Bhola Cyclone in Bangladesh

On 12th November 1970 Bangladesh received the worst cyclone which is known as the Bhola cyclone. The Ganges Delta was flooded and around 5 lakh people lost their valuable life as the water level rose and the cyclonic conditions were extreme.

Natural Disasters in History

5. Antioch Earthquake

This earthquake occurred in 526 AD and hit parts of Turkey, which is now known as Antakya. As per historical records more than 3 million people died in this earthquake. There were also massive fires which destroyed the buildings that were there after the earthquake.

6. Earthquake in Tangshan

When an earthquake occurs in populated areas, it has a devastating effect. This was seen in 1976 when an earthquake occurred in Tangshan and it killed one million inhabitants of this populated city.

7. Haiyuan Earthquake

China has been a spectacle to many natural disasters over many centuries. One such earthquake took place in 1920 in the Haiyuan county area. The earthquake was very severe (8.5 magnitude) and it killed more than 2 lakh people around the area.

8. Tsunami & Earthquake in Indian Ocean

In 2004 just before Christmas day an earthquake of 9.3 magnitudes occurred around the Indian Ocean. Tsunami followed the earthquake and it was one of the larger scale natural disasters to be witnessed by humanity.

9. Earthquake in Aleppo

When discussing the top 10 natural disasters in history one should not forget the earthquake which occurred in Aleppo, Syria in 1138 and more than 2 million people lost their lives and there were extensive damages.