Reducing Fuel Use for Economy and Environment

With fuel prices still on the rise, and the economy showing little sign of recovery, saving money is high on the agenda of the majority of people. With a few small changes it is easy to save money and be environmentally conscious in the home.

Turn Down the Thermostat – Counter intuitive as it might seem, turning down the heating can actually make your home warmer for less. By leaving the heating on at a low consistent temperature, you can keep your home just as warm as turning off the heating during the day when you are at work. Heating a cold space means putting the heating on at full and waiting for the ambient temperature of the room to rise far enough to turn it down to a more normal level. This spikes your fuel usage and ends up expending more energy than you would use if you maintained a low level of fuel use throughout the day. You can measure your fuel use with an energy monitor, available for free from many energy suppliers or easily picked up in a DIY store.

Reducing Fuel Use

Ventilate Without Opening Windows – Kitchens and Bathrooms without proper ventilation easily fill up with smoke and steam that lead to throwing open the windows. Effective as this may be at clearing steam and smoke, it is also the fastest way to lose heat from the home. Trickle ventilators such as these from the Handle Storeallow ventilation without large temperature fluctuations that can end up costing more in fuel and heating.

Time Your Hot Water Usage – Fuel is cheaper at certain times of the day. Simple changes like showering at night instead of in the morning can save money on your fuel bill. If this isn’t practical for you, the principle is the same with washing machines and dish washers; running these through the night instead of during the day will keep your fuel costs lower and save you money.

Spend Money to Save Money – If you live in an old house and do not have double glazing, it is likely that you are losing heat through your windows. Double glazing is a costly outlay but it is usually recouped in the value of your home even before you consider the savings that are made from making your home easier to keep warm. If double glazing is quite simply out of your price range, consider placing window films on your window; easily applied by two people with a hairdryer, these are not as effective as double glazing but they are a cheap way of making your home warmer and more fuel efficient.