Know the Significance of Environmental Ethics

For hundreds of years man and nature have co-existed together and this existence is based on certain rules of relationship which is known as environmental ethics. These relationships are based on ethical principles and also include animals and plants who have co-exited with us. With the growth of pollution and environmental hazards in the world a big question arises is whether we are following this ethical relationship with nature along with plant and animals.

Cutting down trees

After industrialization paper has become an important aspect in our life. We use paper for communications and also read them in the morning as newspapers which contain important data from all over the world. As tons of trees are being cut down to manufacture paper, create homes and furniture, the natural balance has been affected and this has lead to deforestation. This in turn is affecting climatic conditions around the world. Rachel Carson is one of the people who have strongly proposed that men should live in harmony with nature and developed the concept of environmental philosophy.

Significance of Environmental Ethics

Celebrating the Earth Day

The celebration of Earth Day from the 1970’s was an attempt to create more awareness among the nations regarding this environmental philosophy and also study the various challenges faced in a united manner to solve the problem. This concept stated in US and then gradually became popular in European countries like Norway and Australia. Now a day this philosophy has gained momentum and each individual is trying to do their bit.

Why has this problem become so acute now?

Over the years as men progressed and became more industrialized, nature started to take a beating. But even then nature was able to restore some amount of what it had lost over the years. However, when the last phase of industrialization was completed and commercialization of business took place, the trend was to exploit existing nature without understanding the long term effects of this step. People failed to realize generation after generation that the dumping of industrial waste would lead to global warming and also pollution of natural resources. Only when things went out of hand, that people started understanding what had been done.

Significance of this environmental policy

This environmental policy propagates the simple fact that human being live in this planet along with plants and animals. In the name of advancement and urbanization they cannot misuse the natural surroundings and exploit it as per their needs. The environmental policy believes that humans have to learn to control their greed and stop exploiting nature. But this is easier to say than to implement as powerful developed countries with their billion dollar companies are doing little to stop the degradation of the existing environment. The experts of environmental ethics are trying to establish that if Nature survives humans would continue to exist too; otherwise they would become extinct in time to come, as the planet would become inhabitable.