Is It Possible to Clean Your Industrial Premises in a More Eco Friendly Way?

These days, most people have some degree of concern about the environment, and try to seek out ways to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to running their homes and businesses. Of course, with a business, you have to balance what is best for the planet and what is best for your budget, though happily often these work together pretty well – being more energy efficient is greener, but also saves you money. If you run an industrial site however, it is not just keeping things running that means thinking about how you are impacting the environment – it is also a job in itself to keep industrial premises clean, and this too is an area where you can either be environmentally friendly or not.

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Here, we take a look at some of the things to think about when reviewing how you keep your site clean, hygienic and ready for work:

Are You Using the Most Energy Efficient Cleaning Appliances?

When you are choosing appliances used to clean your site like industrial vacuums and other machinery or electronics, consider not only whether they are fit for purpose, but also whether they are energy efficient. Appliances like these can sometimes waste a lot of energy, boosting your bills as well as your carbon emissions. By choosing the latest in green technology, or at the very least comparing the eco merits of a few different models before making a purchase, you can run a greener site while also reducing energy costs.

Are the Chemicals You Are Using Harmful to the Environment?

In the domestic cleaning market, there is much talk about how to use cleaning solutions that are not harmful to the environment, with some people even going as far as to make their own cleaning products from natural materials, to avoid polluting when they clean. While this may be a bit much to ask when you have to regularly clean a whole industrial location, you can still be environmentally aware when choosing the products that will be used. There are plenty of green cleaning solutions out there, which work just as well for the purposes of things like removing grease or killing germs as chemicals that can have a harsher impact on the environment. Of course, the budget element needs to be a factor here – if you would have to spend a lot more on cleaning products to use the greener ones, it may not be viable, but at the very least it should be something you think about and if the cost of replacing your usual cleaning products with eco friendly alternatives is acceptable, you can go right ahead and do it.

Of course, many people use third party cleaning companies to cleanse their sites, so if you do this and are concerned about whether your cleaning is eco friendly, you may want to ask a representative of your cleaning company about their policies on this, or consider it as a factor when choosing a company to hire.