Global Treeline Position

The global treeline position poses some important aspects of the Earth which need to be studied in order to have a detailed view of what is inside the Earth’s climate that makes the trees get elevated to such a great height. This is a global phenomenon and cannot be changed. There have been many researches in the past which indicate why and how the global treeline position was established. However, some controversies still exist.

Upper limit of altitude

There is a limit on the altitude up to which trees can grow. Hence, if trees are planted beyond that limit there are very less chances that they would grow. This limit is often known as the treeline. Out of this boundary the trees would not be able to survive and hence no reproduction would be there which means no growth. However, it is only known that treelines do exist and the real cause of the treelines is still not clear. Though some people think that this might be the result of the temperature conditions, it is not yet proven.

Global Treeline Position

Trees and plants

First of all, the difference between plants and trees must be clear. You might see some smaller plants growing in the areas with very high altitudes and think that the concept of treeline is false, the trees do grow there. However, this is not true. Plants are small in height, the maximum height a plant can attain is 5 meters, if a plant is above that height, then it must be regarded as a tree and not as a plant. Where there are trees, the surroundings would also be covered with vegetation, whereas a plant can grow in any kind of environment.

Global patterns

It might be very difficult to find out what the treeline is. This is because there is no rigid natural boundary present anywhere. When we talk about the high altitude regions, there is no sudden transition between the low elevation areas and the high elevation areas. Rather, the change is gradual. Researchers have even tried to click pictures of various geographical regions where a treeline is said to exist, but very few patterns could be extracted out from those which could truly remark the existence of a boundary. It could be said that the boundary where the entire forest ends is the boundary of the low elevated region.

Facts about treeline

The tree density is zero at the area after the treeline. Around the globe, there are various treelines in different regions and it depends on a particular pattern. Generally, three trends are reported by the researchers studying the subject. First says that the latitude of the area and the position of the tree are in a non-uniform relationship. Secondly, there are various factors other than latitude which affect the treeline. Lastly, the treeline over the continents is believed to be higher than the global treeline position over the oceans.