Fresh Ways to See Nature Differently

Some of the fresh ways to see nature have the power to completely transform you into a new being. Go through them and start to see the nature in a fresh way. These ways will truly transform your perception towards the nature and not only you would start to feel fresh, but you would also get an inner peace of mind. These ways also would teach you that you can achieve something special in just everyday routine.

Bird’s eye view

This way was invented when John Muir wanted to see the world from the top of a tree which had been tossed by the storm. However, it is not possible in real life to climb a tree every time. Hence, tools like Microsoft TerraServer and Google Earth have been invented, which would simulate a similar view. You can use these tools to see those places minutely which were not of much importance earlier, and you might find out some very interesting things in that. You can also visit these places to add more adventure to your life.

Sit and watch

Whenever you think of enjoying the nature’s beauty, you would only think of traveling to new places and viewing the things far away. But, have you ever noticed the things closely which are surrounding you? This time, sit down at a place quietly and observe what is happening around you. You would soon feel a magic around you. In the most common things that happen to you every day, you would feel something different and very special. The more comfortable and peaceful you are, the better the view would be.

Fresh Ways to See Nature

Use scientific devices

Devices like binoculars, microscope and the telescope have been created for you to see the nature closely, and not just to be in laboratories and used only by scientists. Hence, to observe everything nicely and carefully, at least keep a pair of binoculars always with you. When you go to a forest for expedition, use binoculars to find out from where the animals are coming out, where they live, how they eat, and so on. This way you would not scare them and enjoy the nature as well.

Use your ears

This might sound absurd as you have always been using your ears to listen to every voice around you. But when you wake up tomorrow, try to listen to the birds’ chirpings in the morning and with your eyes closed, try to imagine where they are around you and what they might be doing. Also, listen to voices of little children playing in the street and enjoy that. If there are no birds available in your region, you can even take the help of recorded sounds of birds and frogs. You would feel like that you are with these birds and frogs when they are not even able to see you.

Additionally, you can also share the beauty of nature with your friends by clicking pictures of these moments and sharing it with them. This would enhance your joy and would give them a reason to enjoy nature. Also, you can draw your imaginations on a white board and enjoy everything you see. There are many fresh ways to see nature and all you need to do is just know what the right one for you is.