Environmental Ethics

It is important to take care of the environmental ethics while developing ourselves in order to make sure that we do not harm the environment and the surroundings around us in the process of development. It is generally said that human beings are the most intelligent as compared with the other species but if this power and intelligence are used in a negative way, there is no use of it. If we harm the environment every other day, the day is not far when the environment itself would ruin us completely.

How is the environment harmed?

Environment is harmed daily in many ways. You just cut down a tree and do not plant another one in its place and there! you have done the harm. Every day we also harm the environment by disturbing the natural flora and fauna of the region and killing game with our hunting guns. We have been doing this for many years in the name of sport, enjoyment, industrialization, mining, entertainment and so on. This isn’t just disturbing the ecological balance, but it also poses risks for sustainable development in the long run.

Environmental Ethics

What might be the consequences?

The consequences might be very drastic and the increasing pollution and global warming are just a hint of what might be the future of our earth. The continuously changing human activities might disturb the environment to such an extent that it would become impossible to recover the damage if we do not start correcting it sooner. Not only the consequences would be harmful for us but for the future generations too. After 20 years or so there might not be enough natural resources available for the future generation to survive upon and they would harm the nature even more in order to fulfill their requirements.

Why environmental ethics are necessary to follow?

Environmental ethics are associated with the philosophy of the environment. Various environmental hazards and the results caused by them have been and are being studied deeply by scientists and the philosophical aspects are also studied. This is how the idea of environmental ethics came up and today it is a separate branch of the environmental science and one can study it if he or she is concerned about saving the earth. It was in 1970 that during the celebration of the Earth Day, this branch was separated.

How you can help?

Our earth can only be saved if all of us together try our best to save it. It is true that plants need to be cut to some extent for many needs but there are also other alternatives and we can also choose which ones to use for our purposes. But we have to make sure to plant more new trees in their place and we should take care of it. It is said that if you plant one tree in your entire lifetime, you can do a lot to save the earth. Additionally, the authorities should check that industries are not causing much pollution to the environment and are following the environmental ethics so that they do not get out of it easily.