Are Your Kids Environmentally Aware?

We’ve all heard the scary stories. Parts of the coastline are going to drop off into oblivion. The polar ice caps are going to melt. We’re going to run out of coal and oil and be transported back to the dark ages. We all know the effects of global warming, and yet it’s going to be our younger generations who have to shoulder a lot of the responsibility. With that in mind, you arguably need to raise your children to be aware of their surroundings and to respect nature. But how? There are a few different ideas you can try to get the kids outside, and slowly pry them away from the computer…!

Playing Outside

The world may not be as safe as it once was, but that’s no excuse for our kids not to get out in the open. If they experience nature more, they’ll appreciate it more. Sometimes, you need to pull your kids out into the big, wide world. Teach them some old school games, like hopscotch or even team games, and make sure they’re amply supervised – they’ll soon ditch the laptops and consoles and get into the fresh air.

Learning about Gardening

If you’re worried your little one doesn’t really have a clue about the world about them, try and instil some passion into them by giving them a little space on the earth that they can be proud of. Gardening is a brilliant hobby which allows them to really get their hands dirty and create something amazing. Garden essentials stores can help you add nice finishing touches to their handywork, such as lights, BBQ pits and more, so that you can all enjoy it as a family. The children could even plant vegetables and herbs as well as flowers, so that they can get into ethically sourced food as well. Bonus!

Are Your Kids Environmentally Aware


Taking Outdoorsy Trips

It might seem like a long way off, but many of us start saving now for next summer’s vacations. This is a time where thankfully, a lot of us do venture outdoors – the beach and the ocean are both huge draws, after all! But you don’t need to wait until then, and you can think outside the box in the meantime. If you find yourself in London, there are loads of different things you can do! A trip to Hyde Park, or even a walking tour can be an amazing option.

It might not seem like these ideas will turn your children into environmental activists or ecological experts overnight, but there are plenty of merits too them. If just one child is inspired by spending more time in the open, it’s a job well done.