5 Ways Deforestation Affects the Environment

Deforestation is the permanent and continuous destruction of forests to make the land so obtained, available for other practices and activities; mainly for increasing human habitats and for agriculture. Apart from creating a loss of habitat to plant and animal species, deforestation effects the environment by causing the carbon dioxide to remain in the atmosphere which again has a lot of impact on us. Here are some ways in which deforestation effects our environment.


Deforestation Triggers Soil Erosion

The roots of trees anchor to the soil and help to hold and bind the soil to the land. Without trees, the soil becomes loose and gets easily eroded by either blowing away with the wind or gets washed away with water. Soil erosion makes the land infertile and ruined beyond repair.

Deforestation Creates Loss of Habitat

According to National Geographic, more than 70% of the animal species live in forests and deforestation seizes away their home. When the forest cover is lost, the animals have no place to live so they start running to the cities leading to chaos and injuries. Many exotic species are also lost in the process.

Deforestation Causes Climate Changes – For Worse

Global warming is at an alarming stage right now and cutting down trees only adds up to this massive crisis. The water cycle gets altered because trees play a major role in returning vapors to the atmosphere and in making sure that the cycle keeps on working smoothly. Trees also play a major role in bringing rains. If there is no forest cover, the barren land will take no longer to become a desert.

Deforestation Aggravates Greenhouse Effect

Trees process carbon dioxide to prepare food and give out oxygen to maintain the balance of gases in the air. Deforestation escalates the dreadful situation of greenhouse effect. With lesser number of trees, content of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide increases to a great extent. This acts as groundwork for the biggest threat that is global warming.

Deforestation Means Loss of Natural Beauty

Earth is one majestic planet with nature at its best semblance. Locations untouched by human activities are breathtakingly beautiful. We often choose distant places unscathed by human actions for our vacation. We choose so to stay away from the hustle-bustle of our daily life and to be close to nature. We cherish the natural artistry with trees being an integral part of the same. Deforestation seizes this beauty forever.

The ideal way to tackle deforestation is to completely give up cutting trees. With the current rate at which trees are being cut, rain forest cover may be completely lost within the next hundred years which is not something we want to give to the generations to come? It’s time we realize what’s at stake.