What Are the Careers in Ecology

There are various types of careers in Ecology that make it a good subject to choose especially in the needy days. However, you should first have a basic knowledge and interest about Ecology. Ecology refers to the scientific study of relationships existing between organisms, the interactions that they have with the environment and the medium through which ecosystems expand and flourish. Many jobs related to ecology involve laboratory and field research where scientists collect soil, air and water, and even living samples, observe the natural ecosystems and carry out lab experiments. Other jobs in this field involve organizing and encouraging conservation efforts in different areas of specialization.


An Ecologist helps people understand the relationship between living things and the environment. There are different categories in ecology that include population biology, animal behaviour, marine ecology and conservation biology. Within these categories, there exist some amazing careers that can be pursued in the sea and on land. Ecologists are people who are always curious about the way life works in this world.

Careers in Ecology

Eco-informatics Specialist

An Eco-informatics specialist makes use of computers and advanced technologies for managing the bulk of information gathered through scientific observation. Eco-informatics is a completely new category in the field of ecology. There are many opportunities that lie in his field for people with computer skills such as programming that can be of great help for ecologists.


An Eco-toxicologist studies the effects of various chemicals and other stresses on animals and plants. It is their research that is considered to be of great help for policy makers in setting environmental standards. These standards educate human beings about avoiding the release of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. An Eco-toxicologist is usually trained in physiology and chemistry.

Environmental Consultant

An environmental consultant studies about the ecological impacts of conservation and development. An environmental consultant also recommends various methods for solving ecological problems. They are people who spend time outside speaking to policy creators and writing reports. They are proficient at working on different projects related to ecology.

Environmental Educator

An environmental economist tries to translate environmental issues into cents and dollars. They are also people who teach adults and students about new discoveries, nature and various ecological problems that we are facing in the recent times.

Environmental Lawyer

An environmental lawyer specializes in the legal issues concerning environmental problems. He helps in finding compromises between the people looking for land conservation for nature and the people looking to develop land for the purpose of business.

Research Assistant

A research assistant collects and analyzes results from lab studies and field studies. Generally high school and college students are the ones who are encouraged to work in the form of research assistants. This career in ecology is growing in demand because of huge scopes of promotion and development in this field.


Professors of ecology are people who teach at universities, high schools and colleges. They also carry out research work and serve as guides for undergraduate and graduate students. These are some of the best types of careers in Ecology.