Global and Regional Ecology

The global and regional ecology are two terms that are interconnected. These days, the activities of the humans are posing a risk to the global climate. If humans living in one particular region, let out emissions from the industries, it is not like that the climate of only that particular region would be affected. Instead, there would be a global change. The population of some rare wildlife species is also depleting and this is all due to the result of human activities.

Challenges to be faced

Since human activities are disturbing the ecological balance, very soon a situation would come when humans would become unable to do anything to control the havoc created by the nature. The level of the sea is also rising. It has been reported by some scientists that in the next 20 years, the level of the sea would rise even more and almost one-fourth of the earth would be under the sea. The increasing pollution and global warming are yet other important concerns that need to be addressed by the environmentalists. These would not only affect the health of the earth but also human health.

Global and Regional Ecology

How change can be bought?

Scientists and the environmentalists are under even more pressure due to the increasing activities of humans. There are many issues that need to be controlled. For example, lesser usage of refrigerators and air conditioners can help a lot in addressing the problem of global warming. Increasing use of vehicles also creates pollution, which in turn affects the health of the people and is a major cause of acid rain. A control on the human population as also a solution to the problem of aforestation, usage of natural energy resources would also help in saving the natural resources for future generations.

Global ecology is being affected

If a particular region had been affected by the activities of humans, it would have been much worse; people would have then left those regions after polluting them and then move on to their next stop. However, this time, it is a global issue and it needs to be addressed globally. Not a single person or authority is entitled to save the earth; instead everybody should take a pledge to play his part in saving the earth.

What tools can help?

Aerial photography and geographic information systems are two tools that have been widely used to study the global ecology. All over the world, remote sensing satellites have also been launched after the need for the studying of the ecology was found. GPS is another common system that is used to study the surroundings these days. Radiometry is yet another tool that is used by the scientists.

The challenges that the twenty first century people would be facing need to be studied properly before they can be addressed. In this regard, studying the global and regional ecology is also important.