Advancements in Wind Turbine Technology

Keith Longtin a senior manager at GE has analyzed the simple fact that in the last ten years there has been advancements in wind turbine technology. Wind power has become affordable and can be used by ordinary homeowners too in their daily lifestyles. In fact, today experts in the area agree that wind can generate power which is economical and a better source of energy than oil and natural gas. Many things are used to control wind power and this comes when you use gearboxes, different electrical equipments, rotors and different mechanisms.

What is Leviathan Energy?

An effortless way to increase wind turbine is to use Leviathan Energy. Daniel Farb the creator of this innovation is of the opinion that you would not need to increase the size of window turbine. The process is such that the wind energy output would increase by 30%. This is achieved by changing the surrounding of the wind turbine so that the high velocity winds hit the blades and the energy output is thus increased.

Wind Turbine Technology

Increasing the height of wind turbine tower

Most people follow the policy of increasing the blade size in order to harvest more wind power. This leads to financial investments and also people with less space are unable to do it. The Advanced Turbine System has designed a simple change in which the height of these window turbines is increased and this increased the wind energy output by 20%.

Vindicator laser system

In the Vindicator laser system, there is a sensor that monitors the wind speed and once the speed is registered it automatically changes the position of the blade. The blades are placed in such a way so that stress is present in small amount and large output of energy is generated. This system uses minimum energy to create maximum output. More research is being done in this area to help people use wind energy in a more efficient manner.

Spidar system

Spidar system is developed by Pentalum Technologies. This system uses a cost effective device which measures the direction and the speed of the wind before the wind hits the blades. Sensors are used to transfer data to the main server and the speed of the wind and the position of the blade is analyzed which would create the maximum energy output. This system performs better than others and an improved version is being worked on the existing system.

Wind turbines inspired by jet engines

The latest one uses wind turbines, which are based on the way a jet engine works. This design tries to use maximum wind and minimizes its loss when the wind hits the blades and the wind turbines are turned to create wind power. Therefore the energy output is more as the speed of the wind increases when it hits the blade. More studies need to be undertaken in these new advancements in wind turbine technology areas, in the days to come.