List of Eco Friendly Trees and Plants That You Can Consider Growing

Eco Friendly Trees are green plants, which help in creating an excellent balance between the nature and environment. These are grown-up naturally without using harmful chemicals and develop into most enduring and healthier plants. They are beneficial to the earth as well as the environment. There is a great list of eco Friendly trees and plants.

Great benefits of the list of eco friendly trees and plants:

  • Plants that are Pest resilient
  • Plants, which suppress weeds
  • Shade giving plants
  • Erosion or Corrosion control plants
  • Fruits and vegetables bearing plants
  • Plants that provide food for birds

Eco Friendly Trees and PlantsEco Friendly Trees and Plants

Here are the list of eco friendly trees and plants that help in preventing pollution and maintaining the house fresh and pure:

  • Phalaenopsis
  • Parlor ivy plant
  • Christmas cactus plant
  • Peace lily plant
  • Yellow goddess plant
  • African violet plant
  • Feston rose plant
  • English ivy plant
  • Garlic wine plant
  • Devils ivy plant
  • Umbrella plants

Cool plants for work place:

This list of eco friendly trees and Plants in the office not only enhance the beauty with flowers and greenery but they will help in reducing stress and in removing air pollutants. They can be opted depending on the exact requirements and space provided. Some of them are:

Philodendron plants, Snake plants, Cactus plants, Spider plants, Dracaena plant, Pothos that are heart shaped with white splotched and simple plant, Rubber plants.

Grow self-sustainable plants that are required in our daily routine like vegetables and fruits. Transportation and packing process can be reduced by growing these ECO-Friendly trees and plants by our own.

As green is beautiful, encourage ECO-Friendly trees and plants. Trees absorb CO2 and releases O2.Trees are categorized accordingly with the characteristics and features. They are classified as non-green and green, based on leaves, as they change seasonally some are evergreen always and some dry up. Here are different varieties of trees: Olive Trees, Shaded trees, Ash trees, Willow Trees, Christmas Trees, Conifer trees.

The non- flowering eco friendly trees are referred Gymnosperms and flowering plants are referred Angiosperms.

Angiosperms list:

Plum tree, Hawthorne tree, Cherry tree, Maple tree, Almond tree, Apple tree, Bottlebrush tree, Yellow wood, Dog Wood and Buckeye tree.

Gymnosperms list:

Scoadopitys, Zamia, Cycas, Cypress, Sequoia, Podocarpus, Spruce, Cedar and yew.

So grow Eco-friendly trees and plants as trees work as pollution safeguard, serving to protect the environments we live. Make yourself engaged with eco friendly practices and habits and be more conscious of the resources you use.