Know the Wonderful Benefits of Buying an Energy Saving Refrigerator

Usually refrigerators use more energy when compared to any other home appliance, which is about 9-25% of the overall energy usage. If you want to buy a new refrigerator mainly for the purpose of energy saving, here are few tips to buy energy saving refrigerator. Though they are expensive when compared to the unrated ones, there are various benefits of having one in your house.

You will find energy savings refrigerator in several sizes and styles so there won’t be any problem in searching for the best appliance that suit all your needs. For instance, Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator has an aesthetically appealing model rated as energy start appliance. These type of refrigerators are not only energy saving, but also convenient.

Energy saving agency assigns rating i.e. either excellent (A+) or good (A), depending on the power that it takes to execute the normal functions. So, according to the Energy saving agency, energy saving refrigerator consumes 60% less than the other unrated models.


When you make use of energy saving refrigerator, there will be less production and also consumption of electricity, which means that little emission of greenhouse gases. An average of 1.34 pounds of Co2 is discharged into the air for each kilowatt hours of generated electricity. When we use energy efficient models, this consumption of energy is almost reduced to 15%. This leads to lower emission of green house gases into the atmosphere.

Buying these energy saving refrigerators will save on your electricity bills as the most efficient ones consume very less energy. Also, make sure that you choose the correct size of the refrigerator for your home. Buying a large one for small homes will only waste the energy in your kitchen and buying a too small one for large home makes it too congested as well as eliminates the air circulation which again causes the energy loss.

There are several effective features in the energy efficient models to help the device operate at the optimum levels. Those features include: ice and water dispenser, door alarm may aid you save the dollars.

The cost of energy saving refrigerators will vary greatly since there are several models, sizes and features available. So, choose the refrigerators with features that are necessary for you and your family. Be very creative when you are purchasing the best functioning as well as green models to save on your bills and also to protect the environment surrounding you.