Utilizing The Eco Friendly Alternative Energy Sources

As we all know that without energy leading the life is very difficult. Transportation, heating our homes, preparing the foods, our health and communication all are based on the energy.

To deliver the energy, the primary source is the destruction of world’s life support system. This destruction results in nuclear radiation, acid rain, smog, and harmful climate changes, which are fundamentally destructive and threaten our and future generation.

So, the main solution to avoid these harmful effects to the earth and human beings is to use eco friendly alternative energy. People have to check their lifestyle to see where the changes can be done in their everyday life.

Eco Friendly Alternative Energy

Here are some eco friendly alternative energy sources:

  • Solar energy is a great supply of renewable energy and uses sun light to produce heat and energy. Solar power uses the direct transfer of radiation into the form of solar PV program. The other types of solar power include solar water purification systems and solar hot water systems. Solar power is used by several properties to generate electrical power and as the technology turns much more cost effective, solar energy will become a genuine option for people who want to save their money.
  • Wind power is also an eco friendly alternative energy source. The utilization of wind power can greatly cut the costs on energy as well as dependence on fossil fuels. The installation costs of wind power are also reasonably low. Running the tiny wind turbines can generate about 20 kilowatts of energy, which is enough for our everyday house needs.
  • Geothermal energy is also a super renewable eco friendly alternative energy source. When the water is heated under the earth’s surface, it produces steam and heat. The temperature and pressure produced from this is used to move the gears that generate the power to the generators. The steam is vaporized quickly and produces heat from the earth’s core.
  • Also, foods can be transferred into the renewable sources. Biodiesel is commercially stocked up and generated with soybeans, sunflower and rapeseed oils. This oil can be used in standard diesel based engines, either this can be used alone or mixed with petrodiesel. Also this is used as low carbon alternative to the heating oil.
  • Hydroelectric power is also an ultimate eco friendly alternative energy. The force generated from the running water can be utilized to generate the power. This produced force is sent to the turbines to generate electricity. But, there are very limited options available for hydroelectric power plants.