Top 10 Greenest Products for the Home

The common purpose of maintaining a green or eco-friendly home is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without affecting the atmosphere or the nearby environment. It should include aspects such as efficiently consuming energy, water and other natural sources and thereby decreasing waste, pollution and environmental degradation. To make this happen, one needs to adopt certain eco-friendly or greenest products in their lifestyle. Listed below are the top 10 greenest products for the home.

1. Solar Candle

It looks as genuine and traditional as a real candle, with a completely waxy exterior and mild gleaming light. It uses the sunlight to get charged. If one is looking for something eco-friendly, then this can be a great option.

Solar Candle

2. Powered H2O Shower Radio

This smart radio is eco-friendly and can be played under the shower. It won’t be causing any harm to the environment, rather will be making the place green. Hydrodynamics present in the radio creates the required energy.

Powered H2O Shower Radio

3. Leopard Solar Universal Remote

If one is worried of TV remote batteries running out every time, then this universal remote from Leopard can be the perfect solution. Sunlight or light from artificial sources charges this remote.

Leopard Solar Universal Remote

4. Lula Lung Lamp

This product helps to gather data and indicate the quality of air in a particular room. It can congregate the data by using the internet and can recognize the health problem of a person inside that room. It also suggests the cure to avoid such issues. This is considered as one of the top 10 greenest products for the home.

Lula Lung Lamp

5. Bedol Water-Mechanical Clock

This clock is an excellent device that can work or move with water. The clock’s electrodes are crumbled by salty lemon water, which helps in generating the electricity rates. Also, it comes in variety of shapes and sizes.

Bedol Water-Mechanical Clock

6. Eco Cleaner

This green product has the ability to clean dishes and make them fresh without using any detergents. It uses ultrasonic waves to ionize the food particles present on the dishes.

Eco Cleaner

7. FlatBox lunch box

These lunchboxes are flat and comes in bright patterns and colors, which acts as a germ barrier after spreading it out. Solvetta, the makers of these mats are looking for some other alternatives that can be more sustainable and will be providing better insulation.

FlatBox lunch box

8. USB Brain Massager

By hooking this gadget into the USB port of the computer, one can enjoy a great massage and get rid of all tension. It relieves the tension by stimulating the nerve endings located on the scalp. It can also work with batteries, which ensures that one does not have to be near a computer all the time.

USB Brain Massager

9. SoftBrew Porcelain Pot

By not using pods or capsules that are popular in single-cup brewing machines, it reduces the coffee grounds’ amount, which helps in saving money for the coffee enthusiast. It stays hotter for a much greater time than steel or glass and works great for iced coffee and cold brew as well.

SoftBrew Porcelain Pot

10. Swiffer sheets

Coming from Bambooee, these toilet paper and sheets are great alternatives to replace the paper towels, which one estimates to create more than 3000 tons of waste every single day.

Swiffer sheets