Tips for Buying Organic Bath Towels

There are a lot of varieties available in organic bath towels in the market and these varieties include bamboo, cotton, wood, hemp and linen fiber. Each fiber possesses a very unique absorbency rate while giving a good feel and look. Some of the organic bath towels that are found available in the market are certified while the others are manufactured by the use of sustainable methods. Therefore, it is very important to have a precise knowledge about the technique that should be used in choosing an organic bath towel. Here are some tips for buying organic bath towels for better health and hygiene.

Choose natural materials

In order to get hold of the most natural and purest bath towels it is important to get towels that are made of certified organic products. The blend of synthetic and natural fiber should be avoided. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that lends the towels softness, plushness and sheen on a temporary basis due to chemical processing that is done extensively. It also reduces the absorbency rate of the towel and at the same time attracts odor over time in spite of regular washing.

Organic Bath Towels

High absorbency rate

The natural fiber that is used in the manufacture of an organic bath towel makes a great contribution to how the towel feels against the skin. It is also a determinant of the absorption rate of the towel and the time it takes to dry up after being washed and washed. Cotton towels are not recommended for this purpose because they take a very long time to dry, especially if they are heavy weight and extra plush.

The Bamboo Viscose towel gives a very soft and silky feeling and it is generally recommended for use because it is very easy to handle and even dries up very fast. The hemp and linen towels are not very soft but they dry very quickly and are absorbent too.

Consider towel’s weight

Fabric density that is measured in GSM refers to the towel’s weight which is considered to be very important while determining the thickness of an organic bath towel. Heavy weight and medium bath towels are plush and thick and they remain favorites in the bathroom while thinner and lighter towels are considered to be a good choice for people who like a feel that is less plush and flatter.

Importance of fabric

Colors and textures of the organic bath towel are also important to be considered while making the choice. Natural bath towels that are made from terry cloth are considered to be very fashionable because they come in a variety of patterns and colors from classic to plain to florals and geometrics.


This is the most important tip among the tips for buying organic bath towels which brings forward the point that towels that are tightly woven at the sides and the hems on both ends are perfect to be used because they do not unravel when washed.