Some Advantages of Natural Mattress

Organic mattresses are made of natural materials which are free from toxic chemicals as well as synthetic materials. People nowadays are realizing the fact that the advantages of natural mattress are plenty which can help live a healthy and better life. Majority of people are opting for natural mattress because of various reasons such as environment conservation, health reasons, comfort and many more. The natural mattresses are made from organically grown materials like organic wool, cotton, etc.

These materials do not get exposed to toxic chemicals like pesticides and synthetic hormones. Wool and cotton have absorbent and anti-bacterial properties and offers great comfort. Provided below are some of the main advantages of using natural mattress:

Moisture Absorbance

The natural absorbent properties of wool and cotton make them ideal for use as bedding materials. Each of these materials can easily absorb moisture from body which ultimately proves hygienic. The interior wool fibres attract water whereas the exterior fibres repel water. Wicking effect is avoided and helps to keep other garments from getting drenched with moisture.

Moisture Absorbance Mattress

Anti-bacterial Properties

Wool is among the most widely used materials for making natural mattresses. The anti-bacterial property of wool helps in preventing bacterial growth in bedding. This is one of the biggest advantages of using natural mattress. Apart from that, wool also helps in preventing odour build up and transfer of bacteria which can result is allergic reactions.

Insulation and Breathability

Natural mattresses have good insulating properties. During cold winter nights they keep the body warm whereas during hot summer days they keep us cool. The breathable property of natural mattress allows proper air circulation around an individual which helps in maintaining constant body temperature. These mattresses are ideal for children and babies as their bodies are sensitive towards temperature fluctuations.

Body Support

Nowadays, latex is being increasingly used for making natural mattresses. Produced from rubber tree sap, latex is completely natural and offers absolute comfort while sleeping. This is definitely one of the great advantages of using natural mattress as it supports the body especially at joints and pressure points.

Body Support Mattress


Pesticides and chemicals used during fibre materials production might result in allergic reactions in different individuals. Almost all synthetic materials consist of polyurethane which is known as an allergen. However, natural mattresses do not include such harmful allergens and never get exposed to these substances. The dust mite repellent property of natural mattresses prevents dust accumulation which causes allergy in several individuals.

hypoallergenic mattress

More and more people these days are choosing natural mattresses over synthetic products simply because of the advantages of using natural mattress. Even though these mattresses are less durable and costly than synthetic mattresses, the benefits offered are simply undeniable. It helps in getting a good sleep without suffering from body aches or allergic reactions. A lot of people complain of body aches when they get up from sleep however, these problems can easily be taken care of by these natural mattresses as they offer full comfort and support to the body.