Eco Friendly Shoes – What To Look For

As the world gets more conscious regarding the environment friendliness in terms of the products and services they use, the demand for such products have been on the rise. Eco friendly shoes are one such product which has been preferred by many throughout the world. You need to make sure that sustainable and recycled materials have been used in the eco friendly shoes that you are looking at. Also, it needs to be seen that the shoes are stitched and not glued. Usually, vegetable- dyed materials are used in eco-friendly shoes as they are durable, repairable and long-lasting in nature.

Shopping organic

The Internet is flooded with some great green shoe options but before ordering your next eco friendly pair online, you must read the labels and the tags. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are not satisfied with the pairs and consider going through some other options as well.

Donating shoes

You mustn’t wait for the day when your shoes are falling apart from their soles. The best thing to do here is to donate them when they are still intact. Not only that, you can buy used- shoes from places such as Goodwill and Salvation Army. You are helping the environment by buying second- hand shoes as such an initiative from your side by stopping the production of new shoes for some time.

Eco Friendly Shoes

Making it last

There exist various ways in which you can utilize your favourite pair of shoes to your heart’s content. One such effective tip is in using cloth or hard brush at the time of removing mud from the shoes. You should not be using blunt or hard objects such as screwdriver or knife. Odours can be removed by using baking soda. Also, olive oil can be used on leather to prevent it from tearing and cracking.

Fitting the shoes

Before purchasing your desired pair of shoes, the first and foremost thing that you must be doing is to make sure that it fits perfectly. This helps to avoid wasting of shoes. If the shoes are making you feel uncomfortable, take them right away to the store and exchange it for a better size, width or style.

Ways in which you can recycle shoes

Besides donating, you can do some great many things with your old pair of shoes. You can swap your shoes with your friends for a different style or look. Also, there are many shoe stores who are always offering attractive discounts whenever you turn up with your old shoes. Some of the shoe manufacturers such as Simple Shoes, Chaco, Camper and Wolky are making their contribution to the environment.

Adopting eco friendly means in your daily life would not only make the environment safer but helps you remain healthier as well.