Eco-friendly Food Service Products Are Very Healthy

Eco-friendly food service products include cutlery, plates, and trays that are biodegradable and compostable and they help in keeping landfills out of waste and are also considered to be great for events of zero waste. The food service supplies that are eco-friendly helping in saving resources and are generally made for eco-conscious people. Eco-consciousness is a very good effort and it is considered to be very hygienic too, because of the fact that eco-friendly products are very healthy and they can also be reused again and again. The market at present is found to be full of food service products that are eco-friendly because people in the recent times have become an Eco conscious and they look for health and hygiene. Some of the products have been described below.

Cutlery made from plant starch

Cutlery made of plant starch serves as an excellent choice for liquids and hot foods and such cutlery also has the capability of tolerating heat up to 200 degrees. Cutlery made from plant starch is not compatible, but all the items within this cutlery come with handles for providing extra strength for the foods.

Sugarcane plates

Sugarcane Plates are made from renewable and reclaimed materials and they serve as an excellent and wonderful alternative to the plastic plates that were used traditionally. The sugarcane plates are not only reusable and renewable but at the same time they are liquid resistant, durable and very strong. These plates are just perfect to be used at events that favor zero percent waste and even certified compostable by BPI. They work in the form of the perfect green choice for the purpose of serving.

Eco-friendly Food Service Products

Sugarcane clam shells

Sugarcane clamshells are takeout containers for food and they also serve in the form of a very wonderful and exclusive alternative to the plastics that were used traditionally. The sugarcane clam shells serve as takeout containers for foods with great storing capability and at the same time they also possess a snap closure that is double tab. The sugarcane clam shells serve to be perfect for both cold and hot food and they are also certified o being compostable by BPI.

Disposable and eco-friendly dinnerware

Disposable and eco-friendly dinnerware is ideal for protecting the environment and is also within the tight budget of middle class people. The Disposable and eco-friendly dinnerware includes eco-friendly bowls, plates and platters for restaurants and even for homes.

Eco-friendly plastic cutlery

Eco-friendly plastic cutlery includes spoons. Forks and knives along with cups and plates that can be disposed easily and at the same time they can also be used very easily.

Eco-friendly stirrers and toothpicks

Eco-friendly Stirrers and Toothpicks are generally made of natural wood that is considered to be hundred percent biodegradable and is usually obtained from resources that are renewable. These are some of the eco-friendly food service products that are considered to be just ideal for any occasion.