Green Accessories for Smartphones

Every year, “Earth Day” reminds us that we should start making some real efforts in taking care of this planet so that the future generations can be benefitted by Mother Nature’s immense resources. A little initiative from all quarters will result in changing the entire face of the Earth for its own betterment. Green accessories for smartphones are one of them. They are a step forward for helping to save power, reducing the carbon footprint and tapping into clean energy sources.

1. SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station

Coming from the house of Gomadic, this portable station is designed to charge any mobile device. Essentially it is a solar panel inside a neoprene bag. One only needs to zip the device open and the rest of the work will be taken care of. Thanks to the indentations present inside the panel, the device can easily catch the precious rays when being placed at an angle of ninety-degree. The device comes with a number of attachments but the one that will be used most is the USB port. Compared to the size, this portable station is reasonably lightweight and comes with a strap or handle for easy carrying. It also features a front pouch where one can store devices or extra cables.

SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station

2. Rukus Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of those green accessories for your Smartphone which can be the perfect companion during those lazy days beside the pool or in camping trips. The solar panel present on the top of the speaker system helps the user to stream music, using Bluetooth, from any tablet or Smartphone. The device’s USB port can also charge up mobile devices. The device comes with a carry handle, a controls-set, 2 full-range speakers and an E Ink display (such as the Kindle book reader). Full-charged battery can deliver music for about 8 hours.

Rukus Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

3. iBamboo Speaker

If going green is on your mind, then this speaker dock can be quite interesting for your iPhone and it does not need electricity at all. Carved out from a singular piece of bamboo, the iBamboo speaker dock amplifies sound naturally. Delivering loud music is not the specialty for this speaker, but it surely does a decent job inside a bathroom.

iBamboo Speaker

4. Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger

The clever design of this charger allows you to easily fold the plug pins, wrap the cable and put it in a pocket. The USB plug is minimalistic and doesn’t start charging until and unless you push the big green button. The device shuts itself off as soon as a device gets fully charged. All in all, it is a simple, stylish and no doubt, smart gadget.

Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger

5. Surfer for Samsung Galaxy S3

This case comes with a solar panel placed in its rear and an in-built 2100mAh battery. The rear-facing solar panel is only for the “emergencies”, as its size is too small to give some decent power.

Surfer for Samsung Galaxy S3