Wood: The Best of Both Worlds Approach for Eco-Friendly Blinds?

For years we were used to seeing blinds coated in the same materials and styles and unsurprisingly, a lot of us became bored of them. Then, over the last few years at least, came some major advancements in the industry. Manufacturers realized that the market needed a shake-up and up popped a whole host of different products; ranging from motorized blinds, blinds that block out solar rays to ones that just look a little more premium than your standard shades.

The problem with a lot of these inventions is that they just don’t benefit the environment in the slightest. It should go without saying that a motorized solution isn’t exactly going to be green-friendly – even if it will allow you to control just how much sunlight enters your property at different points of the day. Even solar blinds, which work wonders from an energy efficiency perspective, can’t be classed as completely green because of the materials that are used to create them.

In fact, we’ve just found one blind which seems to satisfy every green element out there. If you’re looking for something that’s energy efficient, recyclable and also made from a natural material – few choices are going to beat that of wood blinds. It might not be one of the “modern” solutions, but the fact it has been donning this industry for decades should hopefully show just what benefits it offers.
Eco-Friendly Blinds
Admittedly, this isn’t going to perform at optimum energy efficiency levels like solar blinds, or insulated shades. However, as wood blinds are created with thick slats that can be manipulated to allow varied amounts of heat and light into a home, it means that they can still provide great benefits from an energy efficiency perspective and keep those bills down.

However, it’s the other eco benefits which make natural wood a winner in most people’s eyes. It should go without saying that this is a component which is derived from the earth. In other words, there’s no carbon costs here – it’s made of earth friendly materials that aren’t going to harm the planet in the slightest.

This also brings us onto the next benefit; its recyclable properties. Few materials in the blinds industry are recyclable. In fact, off the top of our head there just seems to be wood, aluminum and the new honeycomb shades. Again, it’s all about cutting out that carbon factor and having a blind that doesn’t just work wonders from an energy bills perspective, but also benefits the environment in a manner of other ways.

There are countless blinds materials that are able to be energy efficient – and some will be derived from the earth’s natural resources or be recyclable. For example, solar shades might have fantastic energy efficiency properties and being made from earth-friendly materials. However, they’re not recyclable. There’s just wood that wins on all three counts, which is why it’s the must-use material for anyone looking to create that ultimate eco-home.