Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Architecture

Concern for the planet has taken epic proportions in the recent times so that the new approach is to turn the “blue planet” into a “green planet”. Even in the architectural sphere, man is considering the adoption of environment friendly ways. Some of the eco-friendly architecture includes:

Use of recycled materials

The most important point that should be noted in an eco-friendly architectural design is looking at ways that are practicable and does no harm to the earth. Using recycled materials is an effective way to make sure that the resources are not wasted. In fact, the use of recycled materials in architecture can give it a very modern look. As for the flooring, the ceiling, and trim, reclaimed wood can be put to use. The landscaping can again be done making use of cycled rubber tyre chips. The broken glass fragments are now being widely used inside the walls for the purpose of renovation.

recycled materials

Use of solar panels

The solar panels have long been invented and are really useful as they conserve energy. However, the advancement in technology has made the solar panels more accessible to the people. Moreover, these solar panels are built with more attractive and innovative designs. Such solar panels find use in the high end and sophisticated architectures for heating the swimming pools, and often in the powering of the entire house.

solar panels

Systems of water collection

Collection of rain water isn’t a new concept at all. There are large barrels present in most of the hardware stores just for the sake of collecting rain water. The water so collected can find use in various, though limited, domestic tasks and also in the watering of plants.

water collection

Using wind turbines

Using the wind turbines is a very effective way to reduce the energy consumption, or rather to conserve energy. These wind turbines make use of the wind energy. The modern day eco-friendly architecture is making use of the wind turbines for the production of power with the use of the wind energy.wind turbines

Green roofing

There is another trend that has popped up in the recent times in eco-friendly architectural designs. It is green roofing. The method is not just efficient but is cost-effective and attractive too. Green roofing can be done on the entire roof or on a portion of the roof. This provides an extra insulation, thereby helping in keeping the rate of energy consumption down.

Green roofing

Green flooring

The floors are demand of the age so concerned and so obsessed with protecting the planet. Bamboo is a durable, renewable, and eco-friendly plant. Hardwood floors can also be considered to ensure a greener standard of living.

Green flooring

The recent developers are bringing in the concept of eco-friendly architecture to attract customers who wish to stay in eco-friendly atmosphere. By implementing the use of eco-friendly materials the architectural world is expressing concern and care for the planet.