Top Eco Friendly Home Ideas

From painting the bedroom to getting rid of the clutter, eco friendly home ideas can start from anywhere. Institutions concerned with environment are going gaga all over in “preaching” the techniques on how one can reduce Global Warming and its after-effects. As the popular saying goes, “Charity starts at home”, good eco friendly home ideas helps the environment in more ways than one.

Use CFL bulbs

This one may sound simple, but usually it is the one that gets forgotten easily. The standard light bulbs need to be replaced by CFLs as immediately as possible. If someone can’t afford to change each and every bulb at once, they should be making it their goal to switch to CFLs every time a standard bulb asks for replacement.


Check your roof colour

Roof colour matters a lot these days. Researches show that roof colour and the material-type can help in lowering attic temperatures. When it comes down to decreasing temperature, lightly coloured roof tiles outperform the shingle ones. If someone is considering re-roofing their home, they should then be talking with their roofer regarding the benefits of replacing the roof with white tiles that come with heat reducing properties.

Roof Colour

Repair than replace

Electronic goods are thrown away each year by a good number of the world population. Landfills need to be saved from getting filled with computers, TV and mobile phones. In order to reduce the e-waste, it is better to get them repaired instead of buying new ones.


Check your water usage

One should not be wasting water in their home. They also need to check their home carefully for leaky faucets. Shortening up one’s bathing time and installing low flow shower heads also helps to conserve both water and their energy bills.

Water Usage

Install certified solutions

Energy certified HVAC system needs to be looked into at the time of choosing cooling and heating systems.

Certified HVAC

Install a solar water heater

If one is thinking of replacing their hot water heater, they should consider in purchasing a solar water heater or a tank-less version of it, instead of a traditional model.


Use Non-toxic paints

Non-toxic stains and paints need to be used so as to reduce indoor air pollution and contaminants in groundwater and landfills.

Non-toxic paints

Install thermostat

A programmable thermostat needs to be used. This helps in conserving energy and also helps in saving a lot on the utility bills too. Also, warmer mornings and cooler nights are the added benefit.


Natural carpets or floor coverings

Natural carpets and floor coverings can be considered at the time of redecorating the interior of a home. These come in many options such as ceramic tiles, marmoleum, natural fiber carpeting, cork and bamboo.

Floor coverings

Select some old furniture items

Instead of purchasing new furniture items every single time, one should spend some time in checking out the local furniture stores to find used items that are both easy on the wallet and on the environment.

Old furniture