Steps Towards Eco-friendly Changes for Your Business

The eco-friendly changes for your business are crucial for the success and expansion of your business as more and more companies nowadays are turning towards greener changes within their offices with an increasing concern towards keeping the environment safe and protected from harmful effects.

Reduce cooling and heating

You should make it a point to reduce energy wastage on cooling and heating inside offices. The thermometer should be set at lower or higher temperatures depending on non-business and business hours. Cooling or heating of unused rooms should also be avoided.

Change lighting

By switching to energy efficient lights, you can reduce energy consumption to a great extent. Unlike, traditional lights, CFL lamps use seventy five percent less energy and are more durable.

Eco-friendly Changes for Your Business

Installing occupancy sensors

Installation of occupancy sensors within the office helps detection of motion which causes automatic switching off or on of lights. This eco-friendly change can be applied to meeting areas, restrooms and break rooms within the office.

Shutting off unused equipment

After the employees are finished with their work, you need to ensure that they develop the habit of turning off all the equipment. Even though, this is regarded as a simple task, it can contribute largely towards conservation of energy.

Energy audits

Energy audits can be carried out to get a clear idea about where the energy and money is wasted. This also helps to come up with solutions for keeping the problems under check.

Using green products

The cleaning solutions and chemicals used within your office should be non-toxic and eco-friendly. By adopting such an eco-friendly change for your business, you make sure that your office always stays greener and safer.


This simple process is hardly prioritized by companies which offer the employees with a chance to recycle. You can keep separate recycling and waste bins for the employees. Recycling will also help your company to cut down on trash expenses.

Green travel

You can setup a carpooling program for your employees who need to travel long distances. Additional benefits can be announced for employees opting for carpooling services on a daily basis.

Use local supplies

Items that are daily used in your office like paper towels, paper, cups, toilet paper, etc. should be bought from local stores instead of ordering them from somewhere else as this will reduce pollution caused due to transporting of these products from place to place.

Staying committed

You should always try to stay focussed, committed and encourage your employees towards greener practices within the office and even outside. Every person should be involved in the process which leads towards betterment of the environment and creating awareness.

Most of the eco-friendly changes for your business are not hard to implement if, you plan accordingly and setup goals on a daily basis. The goal should always be to maintain greener and safer practices within the office and motivate the employees towards taking proper care of Mother Earth.