Some of the Gorgeous and Stunning Eco-Friendly Hotels in US

The eco-friendly hotels in U.S. are LEED certified which is served by United States Green Building Council. These hotels put in their best efforts to offer their services in an environmentally responsible manner and treats Mother Earth the way it is required.

1. Bardessono, California

This gorgeous boutique property is the perfect example of high-end luxury. This LEED certified platinum hotel has been built with reclaimed wood and salvaged stone and makes use of underground geothermal system for cooling and heating. The energy demands of the hotel are met by more than nine hundred solar panels and the hotel also includes sumptuous spa, rooftop lap pool and many guest rooms. Another specialty of the hotel is its cuisine which is made of farm fresh, organic, and locally sourced items.

Bardessono, California

2. Inn by the Sea, Maine

The charming beach hotel of Inn by the Sea is another eco-friendly hotel in U.S. The hotel consists of sixty one guest rooms, cottages, and suits all offering the best of comfort. Sea glass which is the house restaurant, offers sustainable seafood on its menu. The hotel also consists of a LEED certified spa which is built with recycled sheet rock. Every cleaning product comes with Green Seal approval and amenities are available in recycled packaging. Solar panels are used for heating the pool whereas bio-fuel is used for heating the inn.

Inn by the Sea, Maine

3. Hotel Felix, Illinois

The eco-friendly attitude of the hotel is hard to miss out as everything within the hotel represents its concern towards environment protection. The hotel has earned silver LEED certification and heavily relies on use of recycled products. The Asha Salonspa present within the hotel makes use of totally natural products. Green cleaning supplies and low energy lighting are some of the other aspects of this hotel. Hotel Felix is the first luxury eco-friendly boutique hotel in Chicago, it is one of the best hotel choices for visitors from Canada and US who prefer stay in a green hotel.

Hotel Felix, Illinois

4. El Monte Sagrado, Taos

The hotel takes pride in utilization of alternative energy as well as committing towards sustainable practices all the while keeping luxury intact. This eco-friendly hotel enjoys a beautiful relationship with the natural surroundings. Cooling and heating is offered by geothermal temperature regulation and solar panels. The Living Machine and Biolarium are distinct features of the hotel which makes fresh rainwater for irrigating the grounds. The plants within the landscape are used in spa treatment.

El Monte Sagrado, Taos

5. Hyatt at Olive 8, Seattle

This is the 1st LEED certified hotel of the Hyatt chain based in Seattle. Recycling efforts, building reuse, and water conservation programs are some of the major aspects of this hotel. The area below the green rood of the hotel serves as urban habitat for bees, birds, and butterflies. The spa offers the guests with a pleasurable and relaxing experience through ingredients grown in this region.

Hyatt at Olive 8, Seattle

The eco-friendly hotels in U.S. are the perfect examples of how to create awareness among people about living a greener and better life. It also provides inspiration to various hotels across the globe to take the initiative and make our planet a better place.