Some Eco Friendly Nursery Ideas for Babies

Babies are the most precious gifts that any couple can get in their lives. Everyone wants to provide his newborn the best facilities. Therefore, here are some eco friendly nursery ideas for newborns so that they begin their lives in natural and chemical-free environment.

Organic crib and mattresses

Infants remain in contact with their beds more than anything else. Regular mattresses, crib sheets, etc. contain foams and fibres that are derived from petroleum or are artificially developed. Effort must be put to make the nursery free of all such goods. There are cribs, mattresses, sheets, carpets, and a plethora of products for babies that are made of natural products. A little search through the Internet is sufficient to locate where they can be purchased from. Online purchase is always considerable. Nothing around the baby should contain any toxins or harmful chemical components when it comes to looking for eco friendly nursery ideas.

Organic crib and mattresses


To ascertain that feeder bottles do not contain BisphenolA (BPA) is utmost crucial towards non-toxic feeding of the baby. Recycled bottles should be avoided unless it is confirmed that they were produced after phase out of BPA. However, it has to be mentioned that mothers’ milk is the safest, healthiest and complete food for any infant. In fact, breastfeeding is beneficial for mothers too.

feeding recycled bottles

Safe Paint

Astonishingly, paint can be the difference between life and death of residents of a house. Pain that contains lead is particularly harmful to health, especially for children under 6 years of age. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are present in paint are equally harmful too. Fortunately, there are alternatives available that are safe or less harmful. Such paints are constituted of plant dies, oils and resins, milk casein, natural latex, essential oils, water and other natural ingredients. If such paint cannot be used in the entire house, then the baby’s nursery deserves it at least. However, it is recommended that entire house be colored with natural paints.

volatile organic compounds


Electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation and should not be used least in proximity of infants and toddlers. Useful technology, such as monitoring cameras that are required in large houses should be mounted at a distance of more than a meter from the crib. Electronic toys or other useless devices should be avoided. Toys that are made of cork, cardboard, wood, etc. should be bought for children instead of plastic ones as part of the eco friendly nursery ideas for babies.

Cleaning Nursery

When all care has been taken to make the nursery eco-friendly for the baby, improper cleaning can spoil all effort. Cleaning can be done as efficiently with natural and household products as with most of the chemical cleaners available in the stores. Parents must ensure that eco-friendly substances and techniques are implemented to clean the baby’s nursery.

Cleaning Nursery

With due concern, parents can find affordable and ready eco friendly nursery ideas for their newborns.