Some Eco Friendly Garden Ideas to Consider

Gardening allows people stay close to nature but is healthy for the environment only if it is done in the right way. Here under are some of the eco friendly garden ideas that are simple, easy to implement and can be beneficial for gardens as well as for the environment.

Diversified plantation

Plantation of different species of plants close to each other is a natural way of pest control. Generally, pests of different plants are food for each other. Besides, close plantation attracts more insect predators that significantly reduce the task of pest control naturally. Besides, trees should be planted in such a way that they provide shade during summers yet allow sufficient sunlight to enter during winters. Suitable side for plantation is to be decided according to the hemisphere, north or south, in which the house is situated.


Gardening hoses made of plastic contain more lead than safety-level. Therefore, rubber hoses are much safer to be used for watering. However, soaker or drip hose is a better choice as they water to roots of plants. Besides, early morning or evening is the appropriate time for watering the plants as evaporation is slow during these hours of days. Water requirement of plants should be considered during plantation and only plants that require less watering should be planted. A barrel can be used to collect rainwater, which can sufficiently fulfil watering requirements during rainy season.

Eco Friendly Garden Ideas


Chemical fertilisers must be kept away from gardening. Organic fertilisers should be used if at all they are required. Organic fertilisers nourish soil more steadily than chemical fertilisers and are not harmful at all. However, leaving clipped grasses on the garden soil is one of the best eco friendly garden ideas for fertilisation. Clipped grasses and other bits that shed from plants can be spread around instead brushing aside. Their decomposition nourishes soil much like fertilisers do. Additionally, organic wastes from home can be spread around the soil with the same intent.

Growing eatables

It is time that people understand the potential of lawns, gardens and backyards for cultivation farms. Backyards, gardens or lawns of most people are enough spacious for cultivation of vegetables and fruits. A garden cannot produce for all the requirements of a family but whatever it can is fresher than anything that can be bought at the market. Depending upon the size of garden, fruits and vegetables that are regularly used at home or are liked by family members can be grown for the freshest supply.

There are numerous eco friendly garden ideas that can easily be implemented. All required is will and concern for the environment. If all those people who have a garden seek and follow green garden ideas then its environmental impact would be undoubtedly significant.