Some Alternative Building Methods for Eco-Housing

With the rise of housing prices, the need for alternative building methods for eco-housing has increased substantially for the creation of energy efficient houses. These building methods focus on using materials that are eco-friendly like straw, clay, etc.


This material happens to be a preferred amongst alternative building materials. Cord wood is generally made of wood scraps which are cut into tiny bits, inter laced and stacked with concrete. Houses made from cork wood tend to be well-insulated, durable and requires very low maintenance.

Modular homes

When it comes to alternative building methods, modular homes have become extremely popular which are available with an environmental twist and a modern look. Smaller kits are usually bought for building outdoor offices or guest houses but they are also ideal for making the perfect primary residence. Unlike, traditional homes, these homes are smaller and thus use less energy for heating and cooling purpose.

Alternative Building Methods for Eco-Housing

Shipping crate home

The popularity of shipping crate homes is on the rise among most people with a concern towards reducing the impacts of construction on the environment. The best part about shipping container homes is that apart from offering an industrial, modern look they are less expensive to construct and make use of fewer raw materials. A single shipping crate can be used for building a single family dwelling whereas two or more crates can be combined for making a bigger structure.

Rammed earth constructions

Rammed earth constructions are the perfect answer to alternative building methods for eco-housing and they are quite durable and strong. In such type of constructions, dirt is pressed hard to create thick walls which are smoothed out to offer the surface with an aesthetic look.

Straw bale constructions

Straw bales are inexpensive and natural and offer excellent insulation. Straw happens to be grain farming’s by-product which goes to waste therefore, using it for constructing eco-friendly home is an ideal way of reusing straw bale. The good thing about constructing a house with straw bale is that it offers a versatile way of making the house. Bamboo rods or recycled steel beams are used to offer support to the straw bales.

Earth bags

Eco-friendly houses can also be made with earth bags which are nothing but bags stuffed with earth. The earth bags are stacked in a way similar to the way bricks are stacked with barbed wires running between them. Structures made from earth bags are extremely strong and are resistant to accidents and natural disasters. There structures are generally used as bunkers for the army and serve the purpose of saving soldiers’ lives during wars and attacks.

The alternative building methods for eco-housing mainly emphasizes on the use of materials that have minimum or low impact on the environment and assist towards the creation of structures that are ideal for living and maintain low environmental footprint.