Simple But Effective Ways to Go Eco at Home

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to become a full-time backyard horticulturalist or have elaborate solar heating installed in your home in order to make a big positive impact on the environment. Here are three solutions to help fend off climate change from your home.

Green Clean

An alarmingly big percentage of common household cleaning products contain chemicals which are toxic to both yourself and the environment. The best way to ensure that you purchase eco-friendly cleaning products is to check the labels before buying. Products that contain butyl cellosolve (carpet and window cleaners), petroleum (detergents) or triclosan should be avoided like the plague. Instead, keep an eye out for the more natural alternatives; grain alcohol, coconut and plant oils and plaint oil disinfectants such as rosemary, sage or eucalyptus. Or if you really want to go the extra mile, make your own cleaning products. Basic ingredients such as vinegar, soap, baking soda and lemon juice are very effective. What’s more, they’ll save you plenty of money as well.

Effective Ways to Go Eco at Home

Recycle and Re-use

Everybody should be well aware that recycling is an essential part of our fight against pollution and climate change. But there are plenty of ways to take recycling to the next level as well. Up-cycling for one, ensures that all of the random junk you’ve collected over the years doesn’t end up in landfill. Whether it’s old boots, dilapidated vehicles, scratched Perry Como LP’s or rubber tyres, through up-cycling you can turn these ‘useless’ objects into both practical and decorative pieces. Similarly, furniture that is beautifully and professionally crafted from exquisite reclaimed woods will add a touch of class to your home and do wonders for the environment as well.

Stop Using Plastics

Plastic bags are very conveniently available in every supermarket. But they shouldn’t be. Plastic bags are made from petroleum – the processing of which is considered to be one of the chief contributors to global warming worldwide. The solution? Say no to plastics. Purchase a sturdy, long-life back made from recyclable materials instead.

Simple Solutions That Make a Difference

Being eco-friendly doesn’t require a complete revolution in how you live your life. All it requires is a little mindfulness and a willingness to implement some of the simple yet effective solutions offered here.