Saving Money AND the Planet in Your Business

It’s official – a green business is a happy business, able to make cash and save the planet with simple environmentally friendly strategies.

As the planet heaves its way through greenhouse gases, carbon emissions and fossil fuel usage, climate change has become an ever-mounting concern, with respected political activists such as Naomi Klein insisting that direct action is needed to stop big businesses wasting energy.

What was once a mere raindrop has grown into a tide of change that’s making businesses shape up in their environmental concerns.

With such a hot topic, the pragmatic business knows that it should become greener before its hand is forced. But, what can you do to make your company a more ecologically friendly place?


Only a decade or so ago, trying to read your gas meter was like trying to decipher hieroglyphics written on a grain of corn – with what appeared to be an indistinct mass of numbers, the only real indication of how much energy you’ve used was given to you by the hefty bill through your letterbox.

Now, the landscape has shifted. To gain in-depth analysis of their energy usage, an increasing number of businesses are turning to sub-metering, which gives a complete breakdown of where energy was used, what for and at what cost.

Put simply, it’s the future of metering, giving your business the opportunity to cut down on unnecessary expenditure and stop wasted energy in its tracks.

Saving Money in Your Business


If you’re running a busy office, just think of how much paper you use. Probably a sizable sum – 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are reportedly used every year in the UK alone.

Some of those tonnes are invariably coming from your office, which is why a recycling programme is a must if you want to go green.

Get your employees involved in recycling, providing them with the necessary bins to separate paper and plastic, and persuade them to take their responsibility to the environment seriously.

Keep those plugs off

Just think about it – you leave the office at night to the sound of computers humming and lights left on, never considering how much energy you’re wasting. If you can create a culture where your employees switch everything off before they leave, you’ll find your bills will cost markedly less, saving your wallet and reducing the carbon footprint of your company.