Let the Gift Wrapping Go Green with Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

Revolutionize the age old concepts and replace them by eco-friendly gift wrap ideas that are in harmony with the environmental balance.

It is already time that you fill the world in colors with gifts wrapped in wrapping papers with rich and vibrant shades. However, do you know that these wrapping papers that almost the entire world uses contribute to air pollution? They cause sufficient harm to the environment and therefore to man and other creatures inhabiting the earth. While gifts without wrapping papers seem incomplete and play spoilsport shattering all thrill, the wrapping papers pose threat to the environment. The only solution that can at times be better and more beautiful is going green with eco-friendly gift wrap ideas.

Reusable carrier bag is a great idea. They are way better than the wrapping papers. Because they are recyclable, they don’t form heaps of litter. Totes define the trend of the time and are thus quite fashionable. Totes that promote the protection of environment are amongst the topmost trends. As technology is replacing pen and paper with the passing of time, paper maps are diminishing in their significance as maps are now available on the cell phones. Throwing them away would only add to the litters. Recycling these in the form of wrapping papers is one of the best eco-friendly gift wrap ideas.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

If you plan to go fully creative, you can do something entirely different. Doing the wrapping in a way so as to make it part of the gift would be an excellent idea. This way the wrapping paper also would not be thrown away and thus will not litter. You can also dump the idea of using papers at all for the wrapping! Use cloths instead! Colorful and printed cloths can be used for wrapping. They would not just be as good as the colorful and vibrant wrapping papers but would also be good enough for the environment around. Mono hued pieces of cloths and scarves can also be used.

The taping concept can also be done away with. Tying the gifts up with compostable twine is one of the eco-friendly gift wrap ideas. You can look in the yard for new wrapping ideas. You would really find something beautiful and stunning for embellishing your gift. This way they would look creative and keep away the monotony of the wrapping papers and tapes.

Handmade papers are also part of the best eco-friendly gift wrap ideas available that can be used for wrapping. Making of these papers do not involve the use of chemicals. Another wrapping idea would be to use the Banana paper. It is made up of the fibers obtained from the stalks of bananas and offers a natural, yet astonishing finish to the gift.