Know Which Eco-Friendly Changes Are Best For Your Business

Turning your business more eco-friendly and going green not only helps the environment but the business itself. It is quite evident that you always tend to get confused when it comes to which eco-friendly changes are best for your business. There are a number of options that you can apply at the time of dealing with eco-friendly changes.


You must switch to fluorescent light bulbs that are more energy-efficient, instead of continuing with the traditional incandescent bulbs. These fluorescent bulbs use less than 75% of energy and can be a great way to start going green.

Cut down on cooling and heating

You need to stop wasting both valuable energy and money on cooling and heating by being more energy-efficient and less wasteful. You can set the thermometer lower or higher depending on non-business and business hours. Also, make sure that you are not losing money on cooling or heating unused rooms.

Eco-Friendly Changes Are Best For Your Business

Don’t print

Tons of paper gets wasted inside office rooms. You can reduce wastage of paper by communicating through email, printing double-sided if possible and using fax cover letters only when absolutely necessary.

Install occupancy sensors

This is another relatively cheap and easy way among the ones which eco-friendly changes are best for your business. By installing the occupancy sensors inside your restrooms, break rooms and meeting areas, you can detect the motion that causes the lights to turn on or off. This thing is very popular inside certain grocery stores where they use it in their freezer aisle.

Switch off unused equipment

You must ensure that you employees are shutting off their computers every day at the end of their work. This task is small and super-simple that cuts back energy waste immensely (about 50%).

Buying local office supplies

Supplies such as file folders, cups, toilet paper, paper towels and paper are coming from somewhere. Now, if all these are purchased from outside the city, then valuable energy is being lost in transportation of those goods that also results in the release of carbon dioxide in the environment. So, to reduce this effect you can purchase your supplies and other stationery locally.

Using motion sensors inside restroom for water

Wastage of water can be prevented by installing motion sensors inside the restrooms so that employees cannot leave the water on accidentally.


This practise may seem simple enough but to the dismay of many, is not followed by majority of business houses out there. Recycle bins can be kept separately from waste bins by labelling them for easy use. Also, recycling helps in reducing trash expenses.

Encourage carpooling

A carpooling program can be set up from your end, along with other benefits such as preferred parking or half-days once every month so as to make this thing work.

Be committed

Enacting green standards into the business is relatively easy but it might take some tough work in keeping everyone on-board with your “Going-Green” plan. Encourage employees to stay committed to the plan and ask them for further suggestions in which you can improve in turning your business green.