Hybrid Technology in Access Platforms

Access lifts and platforms continue to be in popular demand due to their versatility in the construction, renovation and industrial applications. In addition to their safety and productivity, easy maneuverability is another deciding factor for many users as to why these agile platforms are thriving in almost all the sectors. Low level access lifts are safer in the construction sector when compared to their traditional counterparts such as ladders. They are also more productive saving time and money and are easy to work especially on low heights even as these access platforms allow easy access up to 30-feet.

Hybrid machines allow you to choose between hybrid or electric only during the operation which means that you can tailor your action in accordance to the need and convenience. As they can be used either indoors or outdoors without making much noise and with zero emissions, hybrid access platforms mean that you are being more earth-friendly while improving your efficiency.

Reduces Running Costs

Implementation of hybrid technology in the access platforms allows the machine to automatically support the diesel engine when required and in that, boosts the overall power available. This way, the machine needs a smaller engine compared to bigger engines that are required to climb steep slopes. Smaller engine means that the fuel consumption will also be less and lesser the running costs.

Hybrid Technology in Access Platforms

Eco friendly

As these hybrid access machines make use of less fuel when they are on ‘electric only’ mode, they produce zero emissions providing greater utilization. With their zero emissions, they are capable of working in any kind of environment. The electric motor also directs all the extra power from the diesel engine to batteries and then stores the energy when needed making the machine more energy efficient. Some of the hybrid access machines have superior purification system reducing the carbon footprint to a great extent.

Better Design

Designed to work on almost any kind of floors including finished flooring and carpets, access platform machines can find their way even into tight spaces which is otherwise inaccessible. Lifting points allow easy maneuvering capability indoors or outdoors and the machines can turn in their own length. Some of the access machines can even fit into standard doorway passages allowing home owners to cut down time and costs when it comes to designing and repair.

Materials and Design

When it comes to working safely and efficiently at heights, you need to be able to manage the controls thoroughly which is sometimes not viable mostly where the machine operators need to move towards the obstacles. Most of the hybrid lifts and access machines are designed to provide easy access to the operators through manual override thus decreasing the risk of injury.