How to Plan Eco-Friendly Travel?

When you are dealing with how to plan eco-friendly travel, you might get confused since the choices are many. To some it might seem weird in planning an eco-friendly travel but if you really care for the environment, then you must be aware of the ways to plan eco-friendly travel.

Keeping it simple

Responsible eco-friendly travel is not that difficult if the following points are kept in mind while travelling.

  • Travelling has to be lightly as possible.
  • Choose such transportation that minimizes the environmental impact.
  • Stay in hotels that aim in minimizing its impact on environment.
  • Choose eco-friendly vocational activities.
  • Be conscious of the small actions that do add up.
  • Be considerate of the social impacts, supporting the local economy, interacting with the locals appropriately and is possible, contributing to the local environmental projects.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Checking on the quality of assurance

Nowadays, the internet and email have made it quite easy in asking in advance about the accreditation or qualifications of the place one likes to visit and stay at.

Packing lightly

Fuel emissions get reduced when passengers are carrying a lighter baggage. Plus, it also helps in avoiding additional carriage costs and baggage costs.

Using public transportation

This method is preferred by many as it helps in reducing the carbon amount from getting released into the atmosphere.


If travelling by airplane, then take one-stop or direct flights

More carbon gets emitted into the air by this transportation than any other method. It is more harmful because the pollutants get released at great altitudes. So, it is better to stay longer at the destination than making frequent trips to various other locations.

Selecting hotels that adopt green-living techniques

These days, quite a few hotels are doing their part in becoming eco-friendly. They use renewable energy, contain recycling facilities and provide non-toxic cleaning products and bedding. There are some hotels that use recyclable products and serve organic meals. These hotels can easily be located by making some online searches.

Practising green-living while staying at the hotel

You can always do your part in minimizing the environmental impact while staying at your eco-friendly hotel.

  • Reusing bedding and towels.
  • Recycling recyclable products.
  • Charging electronic goods only when required.
  • Washing the clothes by hand.
  • Switch off appliances and lights before you leave the room. When inside your room, use only those appliances and lights that you require. Also, a window can be opened instead of switching on the AC.
  • Using water only when required.
  • Sharing books instead of purchasing one.