How to Make Your New Home Eco Friendly

There are many ways to use energy more efficiently at home.We often spend most of the time buying or looking to buy expensive products to save energy and forget to realize that energy saving will cost very little or nothing while saving a lot of money that is spent on the energy bills.Here’s a look at the popular energy saving tips and trends favoured by many home owners today.

Energy-efficient windows

A true example of saving domestic energy, double-glazed windows can save up to £170 a year. As they are bound to last for as long as 20 years, you don’t have to worry about the payback time to invest in energy efficient glazing.

Reduced condensation and smaller carbon footprint are other added benefits not to mention the peace and quiet that they offer from the noise outside.

To save further on your energy bills while keeping your surroundings warm, thermal curtain linings should be opted as they help in saving both the heat and energy that is usually lost through the windows.

Make Your New Home Eco Friendly

Energy-efficient lighting

Replacing a single conventional incandescent light bulb with energy-efficient light bulb such as a CFL or an LED will save up to 80% energy.

Additionally, they last 10 times longer and save up to £45 before they need to be replaced. Replacing spotlights and other dimmable lights in the living room with energy-efficient lighting is particularly good when it comes to green living.

Another energy-saving idea is to use sensors and timers for external lights as this will make sure that they are used only when there is need.

Baths – Energy-saving features

A bath too has as its own way of using energy efficiently if used wisely. Fitting a water-saving shower rose with low flow can reduce the usage of water to as much as 2.5 gallons a minute.

In addition, Polyethylene pipe insulation acts as a heat trap for the hot water outlets and saves much energy that is lost when compared to un-insulated piping. Insulating even the first two meters of the pipe will reduce energy consumption to a great extent.

Installing timers to gain control over the heater switches, using accurate thermostats and turning off the taps when you shave and brush your teeth are some other energy conservation tips to be followed in the baths.

Apart from the above tips, simple things such as running the washing machine with full loads, using a low flush toilet, keeping saucepan lids for trapping in the heat, turning off the lights when you are not in the room, setting the thermostat to medium, defrosting the freezer regularly and heating the rooms for just one hour less a day are some of the energy saving tips to be followed by everyone.

These tips will cost you mostly nothing but will save you hundreds of Pounds in the long run on your energy bills.