Floral Diversity in the Cape Floral Kingdom

The rich floral diversity of The Cape Floral Kingdom would definitely make you feel good. This is one of the most beautiful hotspots in the South Africa and if you are a nature lover, you must visit this place at least once. You would find all kinds of plants there, from shrubbery to bright flowers and from small plants to large ones. There are six magnificent floral kingdoms in the entire world, and The Cape floral kingdom is the one of them. And, it is the most unique of all the floral kingdoms since it is very small and still there is a vast floral diversity.

The Green Belt

There is a green belt around the Western Cape, South Africa. There are a wide variety of plants like fynbos, which are the fine bushes. The species of bushes which have hard leaves are particularly famous in the Cape floral Kingdom. Due to this green belt around the continent, the climate is kind of wet during the winter season and warm during the summers. The tropical climate is there all through the year and in the summers there is rainfall due to the presence of so many plants.


Since the fynbos grow only in acidic sands which do not have any nutrients in them, the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa is a home to these fine bushes. There are various species of fynbos including Protea, reed and heath. However, since they hold the roots very tightly, surface runoff is prevented more than desired and hence, the water cycle is completely disturbed.

Floral Diversity in the Cape Floral Kingdom


In addition to fynbos, proteas is one other plant that is found in abundance in this area. These plants stand in contrast to fynbos. On one hand, fynbos is small bushy plant and on the other hand, the Proteas is large and visible flower which is present all over the landscape. These plants attract the visitors of the area effectively. As many as 1400 species of Proteas are present in the region and they occur only in the Southern hemisphere.

Other plants

When we talk about the natural wonders of the world, the Cape floral kingdom is something that cannot be left. The awesome thing about this place is that different parts would blossom in different seasons and hence, you get to enjoy an all new view no matter how many times you have visited it. There are also many conservation projects going on in the area, which have helped in preserving the natural beauty of this region.

Due to its amazing floral beauty, the Cape floral kingdom has been renamed as the World Heritage Suite. There are some unique plants and vegetables, which grow only in this part of the world and nowhere else. Also, the concentration of flora is the highest in this place. If you want to experience the rich floral diversity, plan a visit to this place as soon as possible.