Environment Friendly and Perfectly Safe Organic Dry Cleaning

In everything people choose from furniture to fruits, they are offered a choice between conventional and organic goods. Nowadays, organic dry cleaning is being increasingly made available to people for washing their clothes.

The chemical ingredient known as Perchloroethylene or perc is used by nearly 80 percent of the dry cleaners as a solvent for washing clothes as per their dry cleaning method. Even though the chemical is quite effective while cleaning the clothes, it comes with different adverse effects. Research has proven that this chemical can cause side effects and its use has been put to question by different authorities. Professional dry cleaners from different parts of the world have requested Environment Protection Agency to offer them with harmless chemicals for organic dry cleaning.

The initial step towards environment friendly dry cleaning consists of change in use of unsafe chemicals with natural cleaning merchandise. Perc is a man-made or synthetic chemical created from 2 chemicals, chlorine and ethylene which are quite harmful for human beings. A little exposure to the chemical can cause nausea, headache and dizziness along with irritation of throat, nose, eyes and skin. Exposure for long periods of time can lead to damaged kidney and liver while increasing the possibility of causing cancer. It gets easily transported through ground water, land, air and water. People using different products containing perc can even get affected.

Organic Dry Cleaning

The best and most appropriate substitute of perc is liquid carbon dioxide. Apart from being safe, it is available at an affordable cost. Industrial wastes that result from the production of ammonia can easily be converted to liquid carbon dioxide. For organic dry cleaning, there is no doubt that this is the best green solvent available nowadays. The only drawback of the product is that clothes cleaned with it do not look that fresh and clean, like the way it does when cleaned with perc. Compared to cleaning with perc, the equipment required for liquid carbon dioxide cleaning is quite costly and customers are required to pay more for dry cleaning their clothes.

To resort to green dry cleaning, it is always advisable to either minimize or avoid professional dry cleaning. There are plenty of dry cleaning kits available in the market which can help in cleaning of clothes with small stains or spots. Most of these cleaning kits are thoroughly tested and verified to reduce the environmental effects as much as possible. Professional dry cleaning is no doubt a huge process and leads to consumption of a lot of energy. Apart from that, the wastes that are produced through the process can be quite harmful.

Therefore, implementing organic dry cleaning methods in your daily life would ensure that your clothes last longer. It would also ensure that you are free from any risks of catching allergies due to harmful chemicals which are usually used for cleaning clothes.