Six Best Eco Friendly Shoes to Try Upon

Shoes are important accessories worn by almost everyone in this world and the switch to eco friendly shoes would be a respectable service to the nature.

Everyone does not have to be an ecologist to care for the natural environment. There are different ways and practices which you can embrace to show your love and responsibility towards the betterment of the Mother Nature and switching to eco friendly fashion accessories is definitely the important of them. There are several footwear manufacturers that produce eco friendly shoes, however, a trend can be set only if people actively use such shoes.

1. Simple Shoe’s Silk Undertoe

It is a casual shoe with quite pretty looks. Use of bamboo, jute, recycled tyres and similar eco friendly materials for manufacture of these shoes makes them friendly for the environment. The shoes are designed with standard, elegant stripes.

Simple Shoe’s Silk Undertoe

2. Nike’s Lebron X

The upper of Lebron X is totally made of genuine cork, which is obtained from the bark of cork oak every 9 years. Cork is a regenerative, absolutely natural substance and therefore, is recyclable as well as biodegradable. It is expected to launch by the end of this February. Nike has developed this range of shoes to honor its association with basketball player LeBron James who is also the company’s brand ambassador.

Nike’s Lebron X

3. Sole Footwear Sandals

These sandals made of corks of wine bottles have been manufactured by Sole Footwear for both men and women. The current collection has utilised a lot of 40 million wine bottle-corks, which seems a promising venture for recycling initiative. Sole has ambitious plan of producing ballet flats, boots, casual slip-ins and lace-ups by the winter of this year.

Sole Footwear Sandals

4. Stella McCartney Stiletto

Apinat, which is a biodegradable thermoplastic that is obtained from natural and renewable materials, is used to make the sole of Stella McCartney stilettos. Even the upper section of the footwear is made of pleather and faux-croc. Thus, the range of footwear is a boon for the animals that have been earlier used for their skin and for the overall environment alike.

Stella McCartney Stiletto

5. Suno Sneakers

Fabrics off-cuts and recycled rubber are the materials of which Suno has manufactured its latest collection of slip-in and lace-up canvas. Surely, the materials are recyclable too. The shoes are available in floral, plaids and stripes patterns. More importantly, 15% of each purchase is donated to elephant and rhinoceros protection projects in Africa.

Suno Sneakers

6. Remyxx Sneakers

Remyxx is the range of completely recyclable cool sneakers designed by Gary Gagnon. A record reveals that more than 300 million pairs of shoes were dumped in 2011, which was too much for Gary to digest as a protagonist recycler. Thus, completely recyclable shoes were invented and are actively promoted too.

Remyxx Sneakers

In short, it is evidently established that several shoe manufacturers produce one or a few ranges of eco friendly shoes. All that is needed to completely revolutionize footwear industry and market is active support of the consumers. These eco shoes are either recyclable, biodegradable, made of recycled material or free of leather made of hides of endangered animals.