Eco-Friendly Practices at Luxury Resorts

The hotel industry is quite aware of the fact that you are expecting to see some clear demonstrations of good and eco-friendly practices at luxury resorts. You try recycling at home and also drive a car that is environmentally friendly so that you can save energy whenever it is possible. The best thing about some of the luxury hotels of the present times is that the hotels can actually render enhanced customer experience. Most luxury resorts are enthusiastically embracing their responsibility of being counted as green hotels by reducing the impact that they have on the environment. The eco-friendly practices at some of the most famous luxury hotels are in great harmony with the standards for green proposals.

Reusing towels

Most luxury resorts have the option for their guests to reuse towels for more than a day so that there is less impact on the environment with the towels being washed on a regular basis.

Using a shampoo dispenser

Making use of shampoo dispensers in the bathtub in place of shampoo containers made of plastic is another important eco-friendly practice that is found in luxury hotels and resorts.

Eco-Friendly Practices at Luxury Resorts

Framed mission statement

Framed mission statement placed in all the rooms of a hotel stating the methods that the guests can use in following the environmental policies of the hotel. The framed mission statement includes points like turning down the air conditioner or the heater when not using the room, turning off running water when brushing teeth or while shaving and turning off the television and lights when the room is not being used.

Use of eco-friendly products

Luxury resorts are known for their environmentally-friendly practices and make use of eco-friendly products like soaps and shampoos. The eco-friendly feature of such products is indicated by a clearly noticeable logo on the packaging.

Containers for dumping recyclable waste

Many eco-friendly hotels and resorts also have containers fixed in every room where the guests can dump recyclable waste. Such hotels also discontinue making use of plastic and Styrofoam wrappings found in cups. Such hotels also make use of the option of providing bottled water within the hotel room along with an indication of the method that can be used in filtering tap water.


The foundations of all the important buildings in an eco-friendly resort are set on elevated platforms and permeable rock bases so that the change in the flow of underground water can be avoided very easily.


All the permanent infrastructures in luxury resorts practicing environmentally-friendly techniques of living are placed at a minimum of 165 feet away from shoreline and cenotes.


All vegetation that is determined to be environmentally useful and valuable is designated as a conservation area in every eco-friendly luxury resort. The resort management also looks after the fact that no construction takes place very close to this conservation area. This is a practice that has helped in preserving more than 150 acres of jungle and mangrove.


Most luxury resorts possess specially designed water structures and canals for the proper balance of oxygen and nutrients for healthy water and plant life. This in turn creates new shoreline and underwater mangrove habitat for a number of reptiles, fish, crustaceans, birds and amphibians. These are the eco-friendly practices at luxury resorts.