Eco Friendly Nursery Ideas for the New Born

The 10 eco friendly nursery ideas for your new born bring together the very best of ideas which are followed by the environmentally-conscious parent all the world over.

Checking out lead paint

A variety of health issues can be caused by lead paint, including behavioural problems and seizures. Children below the age of six are the ones most at risk. This type of paint can generally be found on walls, imported toys, jewellery, window frames and old cribs. Test kit can be used to identify the places and objects that contain elements of lead.

Choosing organic crib mattress

Baby’s bedding might consist of petroleum derived fibres and foams, flame retardant pesticides and chemicals, which can expose the baby to toxic fumes. The best eco-friendly nursery idea for your new born here would be to choose an untreated, organic, natural crib mattress that comes with no chemical flame retardants.

Eco Friendly Nursery Ideas

Using No VOC or Low VOC paints

VOC or volatile organic compounds are given off by conventional paints. These are nothing but chemicals that get evaporated into the air, resulting in the addition of further pollution inside the house. It can initiate health issues like asthma. No or Low VOC paints can be used which are formulated with ingredients like milk casein, plant dyes, natural latex, plant oils, essential oils and water.

Picking organic crib bedding

Blankets, crib sheets, comforters and mattress pads are chemically treated in order to make them water repellent and stain repellent, while sleeping on those shall only contribute to skin rashes and eczema in babies. The perfect eco-friendly nursery idea here would be to look for organic bamboo or cotton fabrics.

Handling the nursery electronics

Children are more susceptible to electromagnetic waves because of the thickness of their skull and developing bodies. Researchers are of the opinion that electric and high magnetic fields can be the reason for various kinds of long-term illness. Among the best eco-friendly nursery ideas for your new born, this would restrict the use of wireless and electronic devices around the crib. Battery-powered clocks can be used to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

Choosing eco-decor

Slew of toxins can be found in the pretty decor and accessories that one introduces into the nursery. Vinyl or PVC decals add instant art and patterns to the walls but they also emit VOCs as well. Plush toys produced from traditional cotton may contain foam-filling, flame-retardants and dyes. PVC-free or fabric wall decals is the best choice here.

Air quality

Products like paints, cleaning supplies, lacquers, furnishings, building materials and pesticides emit VOCs and other similar gases. Air-bound gases and chemicals can be removed by using indoor air purifier.

Tackling nursery floor

Babies love crawling and creeping on carpets but these harbours millions of microorganisms. VOCs are present in carpet fibres, adhesive and backing, in addition to the water or stain resistant treatments that earlier may have been applied. One should be choosing a bio-degradable, all-natural carpet manufactured from 100% wool fibres, with no toxic adhesives.

Buy better baby bottles

The fact is that BPA-free baby bottles are manufactured with petroleum. One can opt for glass bottles instead or stainless steel. Or better still, stick to breastfeeding.

Clean green

Synthetic fragrances and harsh chemical are present in many cleaning products. Mild organic and homemade cleaners can be used with safe household ingredient such as vinegar.